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Shopping/Emailing Companies

Today while Hailey was at her rotating babysitting thing, I decided to see how many stores I could go to with only one child. I made it to Tom Thumb, Kroger, Walgreens, and CVS. Here is what I got:
(total OOP $4.99)and since they wouldn't fit on the counter with everything else, here's my water(you know, food storage water?)each of these is 3 liters.
and since I forgot to put these in the big picture, here's what I got from Walgreen's.

I only got these 2 items because they are free after rebate. So I paid 14.00 on my gift card but will get back 15.00 + 10% YAY!


Something else I would like to address today is emailing companies for different things. Once I opened a pack of Huggies and all the tabs were not attached, so I sent an email telling them how disgusted I was with their product and they sent me 2 coupons for the HUGE bags of diapers (the $18 ones) for free.

A couple weeks ago I email…

Doubling coupons

I've had some questions about this, so i thought I'd clarify. In a place where there is some competition between grocery stores, some will advertise doubling and tripling coupons. This means that if you have a coupon for .50, they will make it worth a dollar to get you to go to their store instead of another. You don't need to do anything to make them double the coupon, the computer will automatically take care of it. The screen will look like this:
.50 (scanned coupon)
.50 (multiplied coupon)

making your total off $1 on that item.

My stores also triple up to and including .39. Here is a real life example that I will do on Friday at Kroger.
1 softsoap 1.00
.35 (scanned coupon)
.70 (multiplied coupon)
they pay me .05 to take the soap!! Most computers will adjust the coupon to equally match what the product is worth if you are going to get overage, but some don't!

Any more questions, let me know!

Target 101

I love target. I really do. there are several cool things about Target. The first is that they take 2 kinds of coupons. Target coupons and manufacturer coupons...on the same item. That's right, You are absolutely allowed to combine the 2 coupons together.

Real Life Example: A couple months ago Rold Gold Pretzels went on sale for $2 a bag. At the same time target put out a coupon for $1 off any frito lay product (they make these pretzels) and there was a printable $1 coupon for any rold gold pretzel on $1 target and $1 manu. equals free pretzels. I got 14 bags during that sale and still have about 6 left.

Target also frequently has deals when you buy 2 candles you get a $10 gift card, or whatever. Like this week, If you buy 2 packs of pampers, you get a $5 gift card. You can still use coupons in conjunction with these deals. And, if you want to use the gift card to do the deal again, they will give you another gift card!

Now on to the best part - Target clearance. T…


Let's talk about this store for a moment. I would like to explain exactly how it works and what all the promotions that they do here are. First of all, they have a rebate system that works monthly. For example, you buy the Venus Embrace razor for 9.99, send in your receipt at the end of the month with the rebate form (they have them in the store), and get your 9.99 back in a check or (my favorite) a Walgreens gift card x 10%. First of all, this is cool because you just got a free razor, but if you have a manufacturer's coupon for $2, they still give you the full retail price! So essentially they paid you $2 to take the razor.
Here's the breakdown.
1 razor 9.99 minus $2 coupon - you pay 7.99. send in rebate and ask for a gift card, get 10.98 back. (9.99 + 10%)

Yes you do need to put up a little money up front, but if you stick with it, it can be very addicting.

Secondly, they have in store coupons in their weekly ad AND the monthly ad (called EasySaver booklet) If you are buyin…

Printable coupons

If you haven't really started and have no coupons and you need diapers and wipes - GO TO WALGREENS before Sunday!! and use THESE coupons.

Actually, print several and go to a couple different ones, get yourself a mini stockpile because 3.99 for diapers and .99 for a tub of wipes is great. You could go in and get the limit and then send your hubby to get the limit at the same store!!


If you are a CVS'er then I hope you didn't already buy your embrace for this week, because look what was released today!!
Embrace coupon

Tresemme coupon - The trial sized are 1.79 for hairspray - free hairspray and possibly overage!

Remember, you can use 1 CVS coupon and 1 manufacturer coupon per item!

For the Beginner

If you are JUST STARTING in the couponing world, then this post is for you. Your first order of business is to start purchasing the Sunday paper. I would recommend buying 2 every week to start with. You have to be consistant!! You can usually buy a double pack(meaning 2 papers wrapped together) for $2 on Saturday at most grocery stores and at Walmart. They will carry them through the rest of the week (Monday through ?) until they run out.

You need to cut all coupons and keep them all. (Except if you don't drink coffee or have a pet) Trust me on this, keep them all. There will be some that you think you will never use, and you might be right. But when you are wrong, you will be so mad at yourself! I kept getting these coupons for B1G1 wholly guacamole. The regular price on these puppies is like 3.99 each. After the third week in a row of getting these coupons and several $1 ones, I started throwing them away thinking I would never pay that much even if they did go on sale. Well, 2 w…

Meal Plan

One of the best budget saving strategies when it comes to food is having a game plan. I think once a week I will list what we are eating for dinner that week so you see what kind of variety we have. People think that because I only spend about $20/week on food that we eat beans and rice and mac and cheese every day. Keep in mind that when I first started couponing, my budget was $40/week for all grocery, diaper, cleaning products, and stockpiling. Stockpiling is when something is at a rock bottom price, you buy as much as you can so you don't need to buy it for a long time. Anyway, since I have a nice stockpile now, I don't spend as much as I used to.

Here is what we are eating for the rest of this week:
Tuesday - Spaghetti, salad
Wednesday - hot dogs and broccoli(daddy won't be here)
Thursday - Bertolli Frozen Meal
Friday - Fish Parm, green beans, rice
Saturday - Breakfast for Dinner - strawberry french toast casserole
Sunday - Veggie Burgers, Homemade baked fries


This is a blog designed to help my friends out with the deals that I hear about. The stores I have in my area and will be referring to are CVS, Walgreens, Kroger (Smiths), Tom Thumb (Safeway affiliate), Albertsons, and SuperTarget. I also have a Walmart but try to avoid going there at all costs and they don't have great deals. I buy 4 Sunday papers every week unless there are great coupons and then I will get 6. Most of the coupons I refer to are from the sunday paper and if there is an internet printable, then I try to post a link to it.

Today is Wednesday and new grocery store ads came out today. Here are the highlights that I came across (Not alot going on this week.)

Kroger - Oranges are 10 for $1, and blueberries are 10/10

Albertsons - Blueberries are .99 and Purex is 1.99 on a 3 day sale from Friday to Sunday

Tom Thumb - They are still doing the Savings Rally this week.
This is what I am going to do:
12 Del Monte Tomatoes - $12
10 Safeway Pineapple - $10
3 Quaker Old Fashioned Oats …