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Let's talk about this store for a moment. I would like to explain exactly how it works and what all the promotions that they do here are. First of all, they have a rebate system that works monthly. For example, you buy the Venus Embrace razor for 9.99, send in your receipt at the end of the month with the rebate form (they have them in the store), and get your 9.99 back in a check or (my favorite) a Walgreens gift card x 10%. First of all, this is cool because you just got a free razor, but if you have a manufacturer's coupon for $2, they still give you the full retail price! So essentially they paid you $2 to take the razor.
Here's the breakdown.
1 razor 9.99 minus $2 coupon - you pay 7.99. send in rebate and ask for a gift card, get 10.98 back. (9.99 + 10%)

Yes you do need to put up a little money up front, but if you stick with it, it can be very addicting.

Secondly, they have in store coupons in their weekly ad AND the monthly ad (called EasySaver booklet) If you are buying 10 items but don't want to cut 10 coupons out of their weekly flier - you don't need to! the computer automatically finds how many items and takes off the right amount as if you had 10 coupons.
For example: I bought 6 Revlon foundations for 3.29 each. There is a coupon in the EasySaver book for $3 off 1.
My total - $19.xx
$3 coupon x 6 - minus $18
I paid $1.88

Get it?

Also, Walgreens will accept one store coupon and one maufacturer coupon per item. If you have a walgreens coupon that makes shaving cream .99 and you have a manufacturer coupon for $1, then you will owe $-.01. So they will pay you! I've actually only had them give me cash out of the register one time, they will usually zero it out. The way around this is if you have "overage" like this on several items, you can use it to purchase something else for free. Like milk. or eggs. or chocolate. whatever!

About the rebates. You only send in for the rebate one time in a month. Save all the receipts that qualify (they usually have about 30-40 things that qualify every month) and send them in at one time.

Next up, Register Rewards. They work quite a bit like ECB but not as cool. Like right now if you buy 1 Gilette Phenom razor at 8.99, their catalina machine will spit out a $6 RR. It's a manu. coupon to use on your next purchase. This transaction could look like this:
1 razor 8.99 minus $4 coupon
pay $4.99, earn 6 RR

The hitch, however is that you can NOT use this 6 RR to buy the razor again. (this is called "rolling") Well, you can but another RR will NOT print out if you use one from the same deal to pay with. Also, if you buy 2 razors in one transaction hopeing for 2 $6 RR, no go. The limit is one. If you break it up into several transactions, and pay the 4.99 every time, then you definately can and earn the 6 RR every time.
You can gradually increase your RR by rolling them into different deals. 2 weeks ago chapstick was .99 and earned 2 RR. You can use this 2 RR to help pay for the razor and still earn your 6 RR because they are different promotions.

Clear as mud?

If you have ANY questions about Walgreens or if something is not clear, leave a comment and I'll answer in the comment section as soon as I see it.

One more cool thing about Walgreens, they clearance out all their hair products (shampoo, hair color, etc.) all the time. So if you just step in a couple times a month, you will most likely run across a great clearance.


Savannah said…
Are the RRs just little coupon things? Can you use them on any purchase at Walgreen's?

Thanks again for all the info! I'm excited to learn how to coupon the stores to death!
yes, they are basically catalinas that you can only use at walgreens. You can use them on anything except the basic restricted items, AKA, tabacco, gift cards, alcohol, etc.

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