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Sales Cycles: January - April

JANUARY - Historically, Quaker has hot deals on cereal/all items.(I know this one to be absolutely true!!!) We see Pepsi/Tostitos go on sale mid-January (again, rebates abound for these). Other items of note this time of year are chili, side dishes, anything for hearty/warm meals.
• Post-Holiday Sales
• White Sales
• Sports and Weight Loss Equipment
• Computers
• Winter Apparel and Accessories
· Organizers, Rubbermaid totes, shelf organizers, planners, filing cabinets

FEBRUARY – many of the same food items as January
• Electronics
• Floor Coverings
• Housewares
• Furniture
• Candy and Chocolates

MARCH - Frozen food month. You'll find many stores are offering free freezers or fill-a-bag deals. Between March and April, look for spring cleaning deals, so many cleaner items will be on sale. With Easter, looks for eggs, ham, Kraft products to cycle into good sales. Paper products like towels, napkins, plates are starting to come on strong. Beverage items.
• Spring Apparel and Accessories
• Winter Spo…

Rock Bottom Prices

Now that I've been couponing for about 6 months now, I've learned that certain things you should NEVER pay for because they are too easy to get for free. Other things you will need to pay a little for, but you should be aware of the lowest the price will fall and wait for it! Here are some of the ones that I've found and if anyone reading has some to contribute, add a comment or email me and I'll add it in another post.


Steamfresh frozen veggies
Green Giant frozen veggies
Betty crocker cookie pouches, frosting, cake mix, brownie mix
propel, Fuze, sobe life water
any new product (flat earth chips, liveactive cheese, etc)
Pillsbury Grands biscuits
pasta roni
rice mixes (mahatma, success, minute rice, uncle bens)
worcestershire sauce
BBQ sauce
quaker products
nesquick individual chocolate milk
chex mix
post-it's (haha)
hot chocolate

CHEAP (maximum amount I'd pay)

cereal - .50/box
peanut butter - .80/tub
milk - 2.00/gallon
spaghetti sau…

Rainchecks/Meal Plan

Today's lesson is on Rainchecks. Let's say you are going to the store for the fresh express bagged spinach that is 10/10. You have $1 coupons making the salad free. When you arrive...they are all gone!!! What do you do?? Are you out of luck? Is couponing not for you??
Never fear! Rainchecks to your rescue! All you do is go up to the service desk and ask for a raincheck on X item because they are out. this allows you to get the sale price when they restock their shelves (even if it takes a couple weeks) and still use your coupons, YAY! You can get a raincheck for 5 items, 1 item, 10 different rainchecks for 1 item each so you can space them out (it's really fun).

You don't have to get them on groceries either. This week Target had Ratatouille on sale for $10 so I wanted to go get it. My friends told me that it was gone by Monday afternoon so when I went out today to get my sunday papers and some other stuff, I was planning on getting a raincheck for it. Imagine my surpris…