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What I bought in April

for $72.71

Fresh produce - 26 lbs.
Frozen food
10 bags veggies
4 pizza rolls
8 fast fixin. Chicken
Kashi meal
5 on-cor entrees
Cereal - 10 boxes
7 dozen eggs – hey, it was easter
6 gallons milk
4 yoplus, and one cup
9 tubs butter
4 lbs. stick butter
Parm cheese
Baby stuff
3 boxes nursing pads
4 cans formula
6 pkgs. Huggies
6 pkg. wipes
2 gerber things
Dry goods
13 boxes pasta
3 bags rice
6 pkgs. No yolk noodles
14 boxes snack foods
7 dessert items
Easter candy and gifts
2 loaves bread
12 bottled condiments
4 canned items
2 lbs. sausage
10 pkg hotdods
12 pasta sauces
2 OJ
2 electrasol
4 multi-packs beverages , 2 singles
2 angel soft
6 grill seasoning
13 toothpaste
4 mouthwash
4 bayer
6 skintimate shave gel
9 chapstick naturals
12 scrunchi's
6 cleaning items
4 razors
10 soap
2 suave deo
2 halls cough drops
5 lifestyle metes
4 covergirl
3 Tums quikpack
4 kotex

You may have noticed that there is not a lot of fresh meat in here, that's because my freezer is FULL of chicken breasts, ground beef, and steak(targe…

7 Coupon Myths

This a list that I found on a buddy's blog that I happen to think is awesome.
1. Generic is cheaper 
Couponing is like playing a card game. You don't throw everything out at once or show your hand early. You hold back and wait for that perfect moment to play those cards. The trick with couponing is to hold those coupons until that perfect sale price comes along.
An example:
Muir Glen Tomatoes - $2.59 at Kroger
Generic - $1.29
I have a $1 off of 1 Muir Glen coupon
I can play my coupon NOW and get the tomatoes for $1.59 - making the generic still cheaper by .30 cents. OR I can wait until they go on sale for $1.00 and then use my coupon and pay nothing for the can - making generic $1.29 cents more expensive.
This is NOT a made up analogy by the way. Real scenario that I have used.
OR you can go to walmart where the muir glen canned tomatoes are 1.22/can  when using your coupon makes it .22/can. generic is at least .54/can and no coupons are available.

2. Coupons are for low quality, highly…

Question and Answer

Q. Can you estimate how much time you spend clipping and searching for coupons, planning your shopping trips and the actual shopping? It seems to be taking too much time away from other things for me to be worth it. But maybe I'm just an amateur and it will become faster with time.

A. This is a complicated question for many reasons, but first of all, let me clarify that I ENJOY hunting for the deals. I know that not everyone does and I understand that. Just like I have ZERO interest in scrapbooking and others love it. When you start it will take a little time to organize yourself and when you get comfortable with it, things go faster. Here we go…
clipping coupons- I spend about 1 hour a week doing this.
searching for deals – maybe 3 hours a week because I ENJOY it. If you don’t want to do the searching yourself there are several online helps that do the work for you. One of them is my blog where I outline the weekly grocery deals there are and what coupons I will use. Another is ho…