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7 Coupon Myths

This a list that I found on a buddy's blog that I happen to think is awesome.

1. Generic is cheaper 

Couponing is like playing a card game. You don't throw everything out at once or show your hand early. You hold back and wait for that perfect moment to play those cards. The trick with couponing is to hold those coupons until that perfect sale price comes along.

An example:
Muir Glen Tomatoes - $2.59 at Kroger
Generic - $1.29
I have a $1 off of 1 Muir Glen coupon
I can play my coupon NOW and get the tomatoes for $1.59 - making the generic still cheaper by .30 cents. OR I can wait until they go on sale for $1.00 and then use my coupon and pay nothing for the can - making generic $1.29 cents more expensive.
This is NOT a made up analogy by the way. Real scenario that I have used.

OR you can go to walmart where the muir glen canned tomatoes are 1.22/can  when using your coupon makes it .22/can. generic is at least .54/can and no coupons are available.

2. Coupons are for low quality, highly processed foods

Lets say for a moment that there really are NO coupons out there for any food you would possibly eat. You still brush your teeth, wash your hair, shave, take medications, and wipe your butt don't you? By saving on necessities like toiletries (which are easy to get free with coupon) you are able to then roll that extra money into your food budget.

Now - there are plenty of good coupons out there for good healthy foods. A sample of healthy foods I've gotten with coupons:

Whole Grain Pasta
Tomato Sauce
Frozen Veggies
Canned Tomatoes
Cereal (healthy cereal goes on sale more often than that sugar garbage in my experience!)
Fresh Produce - yes produce!
Fresh meats

3. I don't use anything that coupons are for.

This is true - IF you are brand loyal. You can't be successful in couponing if you are brand loyal. It's okay to be loyal to a few things (I know we are due to allergy issues that we deal with) However, most of the time any brand will do. I prefer Aquafresh toothpaste but if I can get Crest for free - why not use that instead? Reevaluate what is worth it to you.

4. I don't have any stores that double so it isn't worth it. 

Reference my Muir Glen example back in #1. That doesn't involve any doubles and the tomatoes were still cheap. I once got a ton of frozen veggies and yogurt for free - and no coupons were doubled.

5. I don't have space to store things.

Be creative. I have known people that put stuff under beds, put it in boxes and cover it with fabric to make an end table, etc.

6. Couponing means I have to shop at a ton of stores and waste gas.

This can be true if you aren't careful. Try planning out your trips all in one day - it can be hard with kids - but worth it. Some stores price match (Walmart does) so take all your ads to just one store and get it all there.

7. Couponing is scary.
Learn the rules that each of your stores has and there will never be anything to worry about. You WILL get jerky cashiers who will treat you like some sort of criminal - but guess what? You just got free veggies and did NOTHING wrong so just smile at them go about your merry way.


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