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What I bought in April

for $72.71

Fresh produce - 26 lbs.
Frozen food
10 bags veggies
4 pizza rolls
8 fast fixin. Chicken
Kashi meal
5 on-cor entrees
Cereal - 10 boxes
7 dozen eggs – hey, it was easter
6 gallons milk
4 yoplus, and one cup
9 tubs butter
4 lbs. stick butter
Parm cheese
Baby stuff
3 boxes nursing pads
4 cans formula
6 pkgs. Huggies
6 pkg. wipes
2 gerber things
Dry goods
13 boxes pasta
3 bags rice
6 pkgs. No yolk noodles
14 boxes snack foods
7 dessert items
Easter candy and gifts
2 loaves bread
12 bottled condiments
4 canned items
2 lbs. sausage
10 pkg hotdods
12 pasta sauces
2 OJ
2 electrasol
4 multi-packs beverages , 2 singles
2 angel soft
6 grill seasoning
13 toothpaste
4 mouthwash
4 bayer
6 skintimate shave gel
9 chapstick naturals
12 scrunchi's
6 cleaning items
4 razors
10 soap
2 suave deo
2 halls cough drops
5 lifestyle metes
4 covergirl
3 Tums quikpack
4 kotex

You may have noticed that there is not a lot of fresh meat in here, that's because my freezer is FULL of chicken breasts, ground beef, and steak(target) that I've been using for meals. I'm not quite ready to re-stock up on those items yet since I still have a ton.


Gonzalez said…
I couldn't find it on there, but I'm pretty sure you got some six-packs of Ozarka as well from TT. The reason I remember is because soon after you posted about it on your blog, it was mysteriously difficult to find those six-packs anymore!! I already knew about the deal, though, so I was able to score some:) Such a good deal, though!
The Forney Four said…
hold on... wait... i gotta pick my mouth back up off the floor.

Cari Coupons said…
You are amazing. REALLY. your OOP is so impressive. I thought I did good at 200ish. The last day of the month I did a huge shopping trip of 57$. bummer. You inspire me. thanks. keep up the good work.

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