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Why Stockpiling Rocks!

With grocery stores overflowing with food, drink, produce, and snacks, why would anyone consider stockpiling food? It's costly, unnecessary and just plain crazy!  Instances in which stockpiling would be helpful: Storms and natural disastersBlackoutJob LossInflationCivil UnrestTerrorist ActivityHelping a neighborThat's not a comprehensive list, but it probably covers most issues.  Now, here are some of the thoughts people have about stockpiling. Stockpiling Food Is Costly: While stockpiling has an increased up front cost, it actually saves you money in most instances. If you go to the store and buy a bunch of rice, you won't need to purchase more rice for a long time. What happens when you go to purchase more rice once you have run out? It’s not on sale anymore! Stockpiling is Unnecessary: This is a very common thought. Here is what should actually be thought: "Stockpiling is unnecessary until you need the supplies." During a hurricane, or natural disaster you will be q…