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Shop at Home!

Well, the holiday season (aka - CHRISTMAS) is upon us meaning it's time for PRESENTS!

I know a lot of you do not like to shop in the stores. All the people. The noise. The headaches. yuck.

You can shop at home using different companies and earn CASH BACK!

One of them is

You will earn $5 when you sign up through the link above, and they send you a check when you reach $20.

Another one is

If you are a new sign up, you will also get a $5 bonus for signing up through the above link! YAY for free cash!

Here's the low down on why these are cool:

1. Go to either site (or both, so you can compare cash back), and in the search bar enter in the store you would like to shop at.

2. See what coupons and cash back they offer. At this exact moment I am looking at on ebates, and they are offering 2% cash back. shopathome is offering 3% cash back. Then click the SHOP NOW button and your tracking ticket is set up.

3. Shop and check out like normal. It will tak…

Happy Turkey Day!!

No thanksgiving is complete without a midnight trip to CVS and Walgreens. Am I right? Right?!
CVS had no one in it and lots of stuff on the shelves. I was only working ONE CVS card this time ( first time in 3 years), but for some reason there was a glitch in the computer and there were no limits on some of the items!! I did back to back transactions until they cut me off. (the computer, not the workers - they thought it was hilarious) Here's what i ended up with for $1.25 OOP.

Walgreens continues to be frustrating for me. At 1:26 am (when their ad stated that sales would start at midnight), more than half the items were not working. The lady working the register didn't do any Walgreens gift cards for the amount I was supposed to get OR type in a store coupon so the item would be free from the beginning. (I've had workers/managers do both of those before) She also didn't like any of my coupons, so my OOP was much higher than planned and I was restricted to only 2 freebie …

FREE toys (dead deal)

UPDATE: deal is dead!!!!!

Go to,


You will now have a $20 credit.

Shipping is 7.95.

several of the Melissa and Doug toys are $10-$15 so your credit cover most or all of shipping.

Put something in your cart.


enjoy your free or cheap toys.

I got this stacking train:

For $0.95 SHIPPED.
My 18 month old will be happy on Christmas morning!!

WALMART Black Friday Ad

it's HERE, it's HERE!!!!! The ever famous, people mobbing, hades of all stores, WALMART has leaked their black friday ad.

Highlights that I see:

Bluray player $69
42" TV $398
Tom Tom GPS $59
Portable DVD player $49
4G mp3 player $29
kodak digital camera $59
wireless router $29
HP printer $20
Blu-ray movies $5 and $10
regular movies $1.96
basketball net $99
trampoline $165
scooter $12
12" bike $29
16" bike $35
20" bike $39
Barbies $5
Jammies $4
Jackets $8
shop vac $15
kitchen aid $149
storage totes $2.80
rubbermaid tupperware stuff $9

You may view the full ad HERE.

Kroger deals November 17-23

Jennio frozen is .29/lb w/ $20 additional purchase! I'm totally doing this!!
broccoli crowns $1/lb
blue bell 3.50
Pillsbury stuff AND GM cereal is 1.49 WYB 4 - ecoupons @
nestle chocolate chips 1.98
imperial sugar 1.49 - insert coupon
sister shuberts rolls 2.50 - .50 coupon doubled!


The ad scan is HERE for you to view.

Sales start at MIDNIGHT on thanksgiving day.

Highlights I like...

cottonelle 12 roll TP - 3.99 (I'm totally doing this, we are LOW on toilet paper)
arm and hammer laundry detergent 1.99!!!
24 pack drinking water - 1.99!
3 pack scotch tape - .99
FREE 8x10 collage print

Register Reward FREEBIES
-gillette fusion skin care $5.49
-nivea shave gel $2.99
-7-up/dr. pepper 2 liter $.99
-old spice deo $3.99
-secret body splash $3.99
-colgate $2.99
-Crest toothpaste $2.99
-Hair ties $1.99
-just for men shampoo $4.99
-oral B. toothbrush $2.25
-Gum flossing $2.25
-Advil PM .99
-robitussin to go $2.49
-fiber choice $2.49
-Thermacare $2.49

Register Reward CHEAPIES
-Venus razors 7.99, get 5 = 2.99
-Herbal essence 2.99, get 1.50 = .99
-olay body wash 3.49, get 2.50 = .99
-covergirl mascara 3.99, get 2 = 1.99
-bic desposable razors 2.99, get 2 = .99
-men's zone 6 razor 3.99, get 3 = .99
-centrum silver 4.24, get 3.25 - .99
-revlon lipstick 6.99, get 5 = 1.99


Check out the ad scan HERE. Don't forget that CVS deals start at 12am on thanksgiving day with the 24 hour stores!

Here are the highlights that I see...

B1G1 free toys
colgate 3.99, get 3.99 ECB (limit 2)
philips ear buds/universale remote 6.99, get 6.99 ECB (limit 1)
Advil PM .99, get .99 ECB(limit 1)
exedrin .99, get .99 ECB (limit 1)
Eucerin 6.99, get 6.99 ECb (limit 1)
LA looks gel 2.99, get 2.99 (limit 1)
herbal essence 3.99, get 3.99 ECB (limit 2)
renpure organics shampoo/comditioner 4.99, get 4.99 (limit 2)
listerine pocketpaks 2.99, get 2.99 (limit 2)
carmex .99, get .99 (limit 1)
gillete deoderant 4.00, get 4.00 (limit 1)
reese's .79, get .79 (limit 5)
Mars king size 1.59, get 1.59 (limit 5)
xtra laundry soap, 1.99, get 1 (limit 1)

Start gathering coupons NOW. Who wants to meet me at the virginia store at midnight??


The Black Friday ad for Target was just released and here are some highlights...

Wii Fit - $67 (this ROCKS)
40" TV for $298
$10 Target GC WYB $100 worth of stuff
XBOX 360 $199 with a $50 Target GC!!
Wii games:
-Super Mario Brothers 49.99, get $10 target GC
-Lego Harry Potter $27
Casino Royale 1.99
Leapster games $15
Queen air mattress $12
scooter $17 (I'm gonna get this and save it for Hailey 7th Birthday!)
DYSON $269!!! Cheapest I've ever seen this!!
Down alternative pillows $4.99. Why do I care?? Because the KING size is $6.49!!!!! I'm getting those!

Check out the rest of the deals HERE.

Kroger Mega deal

Have I ever told you that I love Kroger? I do. Their store brand items are about the same price as walmart (satan!), their sales are better, their customer service is better, and they have MANAGER'S CLEARANCE!!! And I love that.

But right now is the time to STOCK UP on yogurt, pasta, evaporated milk, and Campbell's soup!!

Dannon yogurt is $1.49 WYB 10 items, there are .75 coupons HERE - .74/ea. Campbells condensed soups are .49 WYB 10 - coupons are posted below - FREE Campbells chunky bowls and cans are .99 WYB 10 - coupons are below - FREE and .50/ea Evaporated milk is .49/ea. WYB 10 - coupons are below - FREE after doubles Ronzoni pasta is .79 WYB 10 - there are 1.00/2 peelies on the Brown success minute rice. = .29/ea.

Evaporated milk coupon

Campbells coupons

More Campbells

Free Desktop Photo Calendar (Christmas is coming...)

Hershey's and Snapfish are teaming together to give YOU a free desktop photo calendar. Here's the lowdown...

Go HERE and click on Enter UPC's. (you will need to register - it's free)

If you don't have UPC's, then click "don't have upc's" and it will give you some. Click NEXT.

Then pick between your free desk calendar or a photo mug.

It will send you a link with a code to the email you've provided and then you can go order your item!

(I'm thinking Christmas for my Dad is COVERED)

You will have to pay 4.99 in shipping, but HEY, $5 for a personalized Christmas present for the parentals?? Done and done.

(You can wait to order your free item until sometime in February)