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Cheap/FREE crackers!!

Tom Thumb is running a promo when you buy 5 participating Nabisco crackers, you get $5 off instantly! Saltines come out to .99/box, wheat thins, ritz, and triscuits are 1.49/box and graham crackers are 1.99/box. Throw in some tearpad coupons that I've seen at kroger, brookshires, and tom thumb, you've got Free to Cheap crackers.

Here's my haul today.

I paid $12 including the 2 gallons of milk not shown for 20 boxes of crackers.

How do YOU organize?

I got this coupon organizer from the target dollar spot almost 3 1/2 years ago. This is where I pull my coupons and place them per store so my shopping trips are organized. I also keep my extra bucks and RR here. It has broken.

So yesterday I got THIS:

from CVS using ECB. HAHA! Look how many holders there are!!!

And I would like to take a moment to praise the binder. There are many coupon organizing methods out there and I have nothing bad to say about any of the ones that I don't use. But for me, the coupon binder is king. For the last year or so I've had a difficult time getting back into couponing as many of you know. My coupons will pile up on the counter uncut and making a mess. For months this will happen. I will shove them all into a walmart sack and stick it under my bed so I don't have to look at it anymore. This makes shopping difficult. But over the last 2-3 weeks, I've attempted to go through the old coupons, organize, cut, file, etc. So When I looked at the K…

Kroger Mega deal matchups

Kroger is running another Mega Deal where when you buy 10 participating items, you get $5 off instantly.

Here are some match ups that I see right now(prices are AFTER $5 promo comes off):

Barilla pasta 1.49 - $1 printable here = .49/each
Best life butter spread 1.29 - $1 printable here = .29/each
Healthy choice 1.39 - assorted insert coupons
Silk Almond milk 1.99 - $1 printable here = .99 each
Krusteaz mix .99 - .55/1 blinkie = .44/each
Wesson Oil 1.99 - .40/1 insert (this will double) = 1.19/ea.
PAM cooking spray 1.99 - .35 insert will triple = .94/ea.
Bumblebee tuna .49 - .55/1 blinkie = OVERAGE
Chex mix 1.49 - assorted ecoupons at,, and
quakes .75 - $1/3 catalina that is randomly printing = .45/ea.
Pringles .99 - $1/2 Kroger ecoupon = .49/ea
Oreos 2.19 - $1 printable here = 1.19/ea.
Nabisco Saltines 1.49 - $1 tearpad (I found at brookshires) = .49/ea
Colgate Wisp 1.50 - .75 kroger Ecoupon and .50 IP = FREE
degree deoderant 1.50 - $1 women's…