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Rock Bottom Melissa & Doug Toys!! (with free shipping)

Head on over to your account where you will get 6% cash back on this purchase!!

Don't have an account yet? Sign up here to get a $5 credit!

Once you are at, search for bloomingdale's and click on the SHOP NOW button.

Then search for melissa & doug toys where some are listed at the following prices...

Pizza party is $7.92
Band in a box is $6.72
Cutting food is $8.80
Add whatever items you want to your cart and enter the code FANDF for an additional 20% off and FREESHIP11 for free shipping!!
(the 20% off code ends TONIGHT!)
For my buddies in texas, there is even no tax! Buy some extra's for your gift closet as well because these prices are INSANE!

$5 off Hallmark coupon

Every Christmas I collect 2 Hallmark Keepsake ornaments. One for my angel series (how pretty is she this year??)

and one other one that I like.
(the grinch is one of my favorite christmas books)

BUT, I never pay full price. EVER. There are always coupons hanging around.

Here is a $5 off a $10 purchase coupon! Most of the Hallmark ornaments range from $9-$25, so you can easily grab a $10-ish one and get it half price!

It expires on November 13th, so hurry up. Don't worry, though. I'm sure there will be more out there soon.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2 for $13.99

At, you can pre-order Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2 for only $13.99!! Shipping is free if you have prime, or you can get some more items to bump you up over $25 for free shipping. 
Let's finish up our Harry Potter collections!

Walmart Black Friday released!!

It's here. What we wait for ALL YEAR LONG.

The Walmart Black Friday ad has been released. You may view the entire ad scan HERE.

Here are the highlights that interest me (but not necessarily what I'm buying),

Wii console $99
Wii Harry Potter lego game $15
Wii Super mario galaxy game $19
Dispicable me movie $9
Narnia bluray $10
Barbies $5
remote controlled car $5
8 pack matchbox cars $5
Sateen Sheet set (ANY SIZE) $19.99 - for a king??? that's insane!
30 piece rubbermaid containers $6.88
6 qt. crockpot $9.44 (I'm in the market for this!)
griddle $9.44 (I'm in the market for this too)
9 photo frame set $6
12 piece frame set $12
jammies $4.47
kids jeans $7.97

I'm seeing some good items and I'm thinking I'm hitting up the one by 121 and Lake Forest (Hardin?). Anyone want some company??

All Harry Potter movies for $4.99/ea!

Best buy is having a huge sale on all the Harry Potter movies! They are $4.99 each with FREE shipping. If you are looking for some stocking stuffers, this is a great idea!

Start at for 2% cash back.

Then search for Best Buy and click on through the "shop now" button.

Search for any of the Harry Potter titles (except Deathly Hollows part 2, that one is $19.99)

Sorcerer's Stone
Chamber of Secrets
Prisoner of Azkaban
Goblet of Fire
Order of the Phoenix
Half Blood Prince
Deathly Hollows - Part 1

Add however many you want to your cart and check out! I ordered half blood price and part 1 of DH since those are the only ones we don't have yet. Total? $10 to ship to my house!!!

I bet these will go fast, so hurry!!

Christmas Shopping!!!

It's that time of year! The deals begin and time to start thinking about what to get our loved ones.

With 3 (almost 4) small children, we are always in the market for winter coats every year. Because we live in Texas, I can get away with giving them as Christmas presents and JC Penny has an AWESOME deal today only!

Go to at the JCPenny page here. If you haven't signed up yet, click THIS LINK to get $5 to your account right away!!

Scroll down a little until you see the greatest sale of all button and click SHOP NOW.

Once you are on the JC Penny website, click on kids and then outerwear. Sort by price and you should see coats that look like this:

There are lots of great colors to choose from and prices for the above start at $19.99!
THEN, enter the code SHOPBIG at checkout and select SHIP TO STORE for $10 off $25 and FREE shipping!!
I got a coat for my 7 year old and my almost 5 year old and here was my total:

AND I'll get 3% cash back for going through shopat…

Grocery Ads

Items that are in red is what I am planning on purchasing.

Avocados!!!! .49/ea.
red seedless grapes .88/lb
onions .49/lb
squashes .88/lb
tomatoes .88/lb
broccoli crowns .88/lb
cauliflower heads .88/ea.
gala apples .88/lb
red & green bell peppers .49/ea.

10/10 deals - you do NOT need to buy 10 to get this price
Kroger chips
mia casa tortillas
pace picante sauce
campbells soups
barilla pasta
baby carrots
hormel kids completes
angel soft TP
steamfresh veggies
hormel pepperoni
flips pretzels

boneless skinless chicken 1.99/lb
johnsonville brats 3.99 - $1 coupon I found in front of the parmesan cheese at brookshires.

roma tomatoes .88/lb
avacados .88/ea.
jonagold apples .88/lb
bluebell 3.88 - $1 IP coupons = $2.88!
split chicken breasts (with the bone) .88/lb
yoplait greek yogurt .88
10 pounds of russett's 1.88!!!!!
3 days sale (fri - sun)
-shrimp 3.99/lb
-boneless skinless chicken 1.68/lb
-red grapes .98/lb
-tomestone pizza 2.22/ea.

Tom Thumb
boneless skin…

October Challenge - Week 4 (the last one!)

Okay, after my chicken purchases from last week, I am left with $17.87 to get me through the 31st!

Here is my plan for meals:

Monday - Chicken Broccoli Supreme

Tuesday - Black Bean baked taquitos

Wednesday - Creamy Italian crockpot chicken

Thursday - Leftovers

Friday - creamy broccoli tuna helper (but with canned chicken instead), veggie of some sort

Saturday - Church Chili cook-off and trunk or treat

Sunday - Pork blade roast w/ taters and green beans.

Monday - shredded pork BBQ sandwiches using leftover pork roast!

Items to buy
1 packet italian seasoning mix - $1.25
cream - $2
pork shoulder - $8
Hamburger Buns - $1

Total -  $12.25

Which means I spent $74.38 for the WHOLE month of October!!

October Challenge - Week 3

Ummm, did I get behind on posting or something?? I'm telling you, the energy failings with the 3rd trimester of pregnancy combined with trying to keep on top of the house, laundry, planning for a garage sale, etc. just finds me with no time anymore!

Here's what we ate this last week:

Monday - Zuppa Toscana soup

Tuesday - Grilled chicken salad - this is like a chef salad with bacon, cheese, avocados, grilled chicken, croutons, hard boiled eggs, etc.

Wednesday - Hamburgers

Thursday - Leftovers

Friday - Dinner date night

Saturday - Sweet Bajio chicken

Sunday - Bajio chicken nachos

What I bought for those meals:

sprite - $1
green chilies - .79
kale - 1.69
burger patties $5
bacon - $2
Total: $10.48

BUT, I did purchase 20 pounds of beautiful hormone free chicken breasts for $1.49/lb. Costing me $29.80. I'll add that to my purchase total.

Total for the month = $62.13

Gift Closet Deal!!!! Playdoh Cake Maker Set for $5.54!

Today ONLY at, you can pick up the Play-Doh Cake Maker Set.

Just go HERE and add it to your cart. Select ship to store for free shipping.
I bought 2 for $11.99 after tax and I am adding those items to my present closet. My kids get invited to a million birthday parties, so it's always nice to keep several items on hand that I got very inexpensively but are still great presents.
If you are a member of, then you can even get 2% cash back by going through their website. 
If you are NOT a member, then now is a great time to sign up! you get a $5 sign up bonus by going through THIS LINK and it's awesome to get started right before Christmas because you know all those online shopping items will add up. Might as well get a little money back, right??

Grocery Ads!!

Remember - you can price match at Walmart and you do NOT need the ad with you. It's posted on their website HERE.(click on ad match guarantee, it's down a little) I print it out and take it with me.
Items I will be getting are in red.

Boneless pork loin 1.99/lb
asparagus 1.88/lb
avacados 1.00/ea.
pillsbury items 1.00/ea. - this used to be awesome when kroger doubled coupons. *enter sad face here*
yoplait 32 oz. & gogurt 2.00 - use .55 blinkie coupons = $1.45
5 lb bag gala apples 3.99
broccoli crowns 1.25/lb

BC cake mix 1.25
Use in-store coupons for the following:
-blue bunny ice cream (the double strawberry is awesome) 1.99
-planters peanut butter .99 (STOCK UP PRICE!)
-wishbone salad dressing 1.29
3 day sale (fri - sun)
-turkey breast .99/lb
-baby backs 2.88'lb
-peaches .99/lb

Tom Thumb
pork shoulder roast 1.49/lb
grapes .99/lb
bulls-eye BBQ 1.88
red/green/romaine lettuce .99

APPLES!!! .69/lb (gala, fuji, granny smith, etc)
red grapes .99/lb
broccoli …

October Challenge - Week 2

Here is my meal plan for this next week -

Monday - Lasagna
Tuesday - Falafel w/ tabouli salad and pitas
Wednesday - Leftovers
Thursday - Black bean baked taquitos
Friday - nothing - Dave is camping and I am going to a girls night thingy
Saturday - Crispy southwest chicken wraps
Sunday - Cajun roast pork loin with mashed potatoes and veggies.
Items I needed to buy for this week of meals:
Pork loin 2.79lbs = $5.55 burrito size tortillas $1.48 chick peas .66 ricotta cheese $1.94 cumin $2 cinnamon .50 pita bread $1.24 stick butter .94
Total $14.29
Total for week one $7.56 Total for week two $14.29 Total spent so far $21.85 - which will get us through October 16th!
Note: I didn't purchase some produce items needed for this week in anticipation of my produce basket I get on Monday. If I am missing items needed I will then purchase them but I've got some wiggle room in my budget so I'm not worried.

October Challenge - Week 1

Okay, well today was my first shopping trip with my $20 a week goal. Here's how it went today:

Meals Planned for the next week -

Today (Saturday) - Creamy Italian Crock-pot Chicken

Easy Gluten-Free Creamy Italian Chicken 1-2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts 8 oz cream cheese 1 3/4 C milk 1/2 C cream 1 packet Italian salad dressing mix 1 T chicken base (or bouillon) 1 T corn starch
Put chicken and cream cheese in crock pot.  Whisk milk, cream, salad dressing mix, chicken base and cornstarch together.  Add to crock pot.  Cook on low for about 6 hours or on high for about 4.  Shred chicken (I do this with my wire whip by just using it to pound on the chicken which should fall apart easily after this long in the crock).  Serve over steamed rice or cooked noodles.
Sunday - Italian Sausage soup
Monday - Oven Hot Dogs
Tuesday - Orange Chicken ( in the crockpot)
Wednesday - leftovers!
Thursday - Pasta with Creamy Cajun sauce
Friday - Chicken tortilla casserole
Saturday - leftovers
Sunday - Lemon…

October Challenge!!

With finances tighter than I was expecting (anyone in my area need a babysitter?? I'm looking!), I am continuing the food challenge. Some people think I am insane for not spending $250/month on groceries, but like I've mentioned before - it's because I don't HAVE that much money to spend on groceries!

October will be a $20/week grocery budget.

THAT'S RIGHT!!! I will spend $80 for the entire month of October on a family of 5 (about to be 6).
I will keep on shopping from my pantry and freezers (since they are still pretty full).

Is anyone as crazy as I am? You willing to make a tight grocery budget with me?? You stress about money like I do?

Join me!!

Pantry Buster Challenge- the end in sight!

Okay, sorry about falling off the face of the earth but my brother came in town and then we took a road trip to Louisiana! I'm doing mostly dinners now because I can't remember that far back what I did for breakfast, but by this point you should have a pretty good idea of what I do!

Here we go:

Day 15
Dinner - fried catfish with veggies

16 - homemade pizza

17 - leftovers

18 - Chicken and wild rice soup

19 - steak with potatoes and peas

20 - leftovers

21 - Zuppa Toscana soup with salad and rolls

22 - chicken pot pie

23 - 26 - out of town!!!! I have no idea what Dave and Hailey did while me and the boys were gone, but I guarantee they went over my $40 budget!

27 - fajita chicken salad

28 - creamy ranch pork chops in the crockpot with parmesan and garlic mashed potatoes & broccoli.

2 days left!!! We will make it easily although we did go over our $40 because of my last minute vacation to visit my grandparents. I now have a reasonable dent in my pantry (although it could still…

Pantry Buster Challenge - Day 14 Update

To see previous meals and purchases, click here and here.

Reminder - lunches are always dinner leftovers or sandwiches with fruit or something. I didn't figure it would be worth mentioning since it's not that exciting.

Day 10
Breakfast: peanut butter waffles (tripled recipe)
Dinner: Sam's club pepperoni pizza ($6.88)

Day 11
B: leftover waffles
D: creamy chicken slow cooker tacos

Day 12
B: Waffles & cereal
D: Used leftover chicken taco filling to make a chicken taco salad!

Day 13
B: oatmeal
D: Spicy peach glazed pork chops, (never fails, one of my favorite meat preparations) mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli (our produce basket from the co-op came today!)

Day 14
B: fried plantains & scrambled eggs
D: leftovers since daddy will be gone all night. Maybe fish sticks or something easy.

Items purchased
Sam's pizza $6.88
2 bags brown sugar $2.58

Total so far: $19.23
Halfway there and half my $$ spent!

Grocery Ads!!

They are rocking their typical buy 10 items get $5 off instantly. (remember - no doubling or tripling coupons anymore!)
Prices listed are AFTER the promo.
Yoplait 32 oz. & gogurt 1.69 - use .75/2 IP HERE = 1.31/ea. OR use blinkie for the tubs
Kraft BBQ .50
Capri-sun 1.49
Tide 5.77 - Use $2 insert coupon = $3.77
vitamin water .50
wonka candy 1.49

Other deals
white seedless grapes .99/lb
roma tomatoes .99/lb
pears 1.00/lb
plums 1.00/lb

Remember: you can price match at Walmart to get excellence prices at Hades.
red or green grapes .67/lb
avacadoes/roma tomatoes .67/lb/each
spinach .99/bundle
cantelopes .88/ea.
peaches/nectarines/plums .88/lb

They are ALSO doing a buy 10 items get $5 off instantly. Prices are AFTER the promo comes off. (limit of 3 rewards per transaction)
campbells condensed soup .98
progresso soup .98
powerade .69
pillsbury grands .99
pillsbury cake/brownie mixes .99

Tom Thumb
green bell peppers .49/ea.
nectarines .99/lb
quaker quakes 1.00

Pantry Buster Challenge - Day 9 Update

How are YOU guys doing so far?? we are about 1/4 of the way through - let's stay strong!

To see the first 4 days, check this post.

Day 5
breakfast - leftover pancakes and cereal
dinner -  grilled steak, scalloped potatoes, green beans, and grilled pineapple

Day 6
B - Eggs and toast
D - chicken stir fry with fried rice

Day 7
b - Oatmeal
D - Black bean tortilla pie (martha stewart)

Day 8
B - Cream of wheat
D - leftovers (and we potentially could have a whole other dinner of just leftovers!)

Day 9 (friday)
B - Biscuits and eggs
D - Crockpot veggie soup and homemade rolls

My pantry is starting to look better already!

Grocery Ads!!

BAD NEWS!!!! As of September 14th, all Krogers in the DFW area and East Texas will join the Houston area in their policy of no longer doubling or tripling coupons of any kind!!!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!! They will still accept all coupons at face value, but that's it. 

Kroger - LAME!!!

Split chicken breast (with bone) .99/lb
rotel tomates .99
black seedless grapes 1.00/lb
cantelope .99/ea.
pillsbury biscuits 1.00/ea. - use your coupons that double for our last week!! .40/2 IP HERE
pears 1.00/lb

in store coupon deals:
- campbells soup .99 (limit 3) assorted coupons HERE
- propel .49 (limit 12)
- hot pockets 1.59 (limit 5)
- libbys canned fruit .99 (limit 5)
- charmin 9 roll TP 4.99 (limit 2)

ocean spray on the go 10 packs .39!!!!
mccormick and weber seasonings 1.00
Star olive oil B1G2 free! (this could be good)
cool whip .88 WYB 2
cantelope .99/ea.
B/S chicken breast 1.98/lb

Tom Thumb
Boneless pork loin 1.88/lb (this is a GREAT price)
on the vine tomatoes .99/lb
mccormick gril…

Pantry Buster Challenge - Day 4 Update

Okay, so we are 4 days into our challenge and my only daughter has turned SEVEN years old today!

I don't think I look old enough to have a 7 year old. My husband tells me so. :)

Day 1
breakfast - cereal and milk
dinner - Chicken fajitas

Day 2
Breakfast - scrambled eggs and bagels
Dinner - Huevos Rancheros

Day 3
Breakfast - cream of wheat
dinner - leftovers

Day 4
Breakfast - pancakes!
Dinner - spaghetti with salad (requested by birthday girl), and birthday cake

Lunches are always leftovers or a sandwich of some kind(PB&J, cheese, etc.) with fruit and crackers.

Items purchased:
1 can green chilies $0.79
1 bag skittles (for cake) $1.98
12 boxes Zatarains rice mix and 4 bottles Danimals smoothies $7
Total so far: $9.77

I also got a big bag of pears for free at church today from a lady with pear trees. She brought 2 BUCKETS and a bunch of grocery sacks for people to take home. YAY for free fruit!

Also of note: I am on WIC right now so milk, cheese, juice, eggs, and some cereals I get for…

Challenge time

I'm in the mood for a pantry buster challenge. So I'm creating one.

When I began couponing in 2007 - it was out of necessity. We were trying to get out of debt, I was a stay at home mom (still am) and we were (and still are) living off of a teacher's salary. It is NOT easy. I saw couponing as a way to cut down on variable expenses like groceries and toiletries.

Well, it worked. We payed off all our debt (except the mortgage), built up a solid emergency fund, started investing into retirement, started saving for our kids college funds, and bought 2 cars with cash since the beginning of my coupon journey 4 years ago.

But now. Now is a different circumstance where my job remains the same. Get as much as I can with as little money as I can. We are expecting our fourth (surprise!) baby in January, there have been cutbacks at the hubby's job, and he is starting his master's program in January which we are planning on paying cash for. HELLO new expenses!


Target Deals 8/28

Dannon smoothies $2
-use $1 target IP HERE
-use $.50 from 8/14 SS
= .50 for a 6 pack! (great for lunches)

KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce $1
-use $1/2 from 8/21 SS
= .50/ea.

Kikkomans teriyaki sauce $1.42
-use $1 IP HERE
= .42

Ore Ida easy fries crinkles .99
-use $1/3 from 8/21 SS
= .66/ea.

Zaterains rice mixes .91
-use $1/3 IP HERE
 = .58/ea.

Plus don't forget the cheap swimsuits and diapers I posted about here.

$1 Nutella Printable!!!!!

Go HERE to print this RARE coupon. Hurry!


Diapers and swimsuits at Target!

You know those $3 Huggies coupons that came in the 8/14 SS?? Well, you can print a $2 Target coupon for the same diaper HERE.(click on baby category on the left side) THEN, go and get some at Target!

Diapers 8.99 (until 10/15)
use $3 Insert coupon
Use $2 target coupon
Pay $3.99/pack!

And while you are there, pick up some swimsuits for next summer! The little kids (I only saw girls) are $5/suit but the big kids section were cheaper!!! Girls xhiliration suits are $3.24! Boys Cherokee suits are $3.48

We are READY for next summer!
Note: my swimsuits were not ringing up the advertised price that was on the sign, so I mentioned it to the cashier and she changed it for me.

CVS Deals 8/28


Use $1 insert from 7/31 PG = free!

Use $1 coupon from 8/7 SS - moneymaker
Other deals:

Use the .75 insert coupon from 8/28 PG = 1.24/bottle

Use the buy Body wash get deodorant FREE coupon from 8/28 PG = 2 items for $3.49

Use the $1 coupon from 8/28 PG = .99 toothpaste (I won't be doing this one, but if you are new to couponing, then this would be a good one to start with!)
See you out there this week!

Walgreens Deals 8/28

Not a ton going on, but here's what stood out.

Use the $2 coupon from certain 8/14 SS inserts. (I have 2 that have it and 10 that don't!)

Use $3 IP here.

This is just a good price - 1.25/bag?? awesome.
AND, the Huggies slip on diapers deal is still going. $9.49, and get $2 in RR back. Use the $3 coupon from the 8/14 SS (I just got 10 of them!!), and pay $4.49/pack for huggies!

Save 50% off at Gap Denim AND get 3% cash back!!

First, log into your Shop At Home account and click through the gap website to get your 3% cash back.

Haven't signed up yet?? Click here to get started! If you use this link you'll get a $5 bonus just for signing up!

Then shop to your hearts content!! the 50% off INCLUDES denim!! And don't forget, if you spend $50 (before the discount), you get free shipping!

Add all the items to your cart that you desire, and enter the code GAPDENIM and 50% will be taken off!


Huggies diapers .10/diaper at Amazon!!!

Go HERE and select size 1-2 for the best price.

Scroll down a little and there will be a button click that says save $2!! Click on it!

If you are a member of Amazon Mom yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? Click here and sign up. it's free and you'll save an extra 15%.

Anyway, then click on the Subscribe and Save option on the right hand side of the page:

And then where it says deliver every 1 month?? Click on that arrow thingy and change it to 6 months. That way you'll have lots of time to cancel the subscription after the diapers come.
Click subscribe now and check out!!
Your total should be $19.45 for .10 a diaper.
The other sizes are not worth it on this deal.

Kroger Mega Sale and..... a shopping trip!!

So I knew Kroger was doing their typical buy 10 get $5 off business but when I sat down on Saturday to cut out some coupons and really look at everything, I saw some really fun deals that I wanted to tell you about so you can jump on them as well!! Here's what I got so far (it goes until the 30th):

(the watermelon, grapes, nectarines, and bananas were from sprouts - 1.88 for a whole watermelon??!!)
Here's the Kroger deals (prices are AFTER the promo comes off)
Sunny D  .99 - used .25 insert coupon tripled = .24/ea. lawry's marinade .99 - used .50 coupon doubled = FREE (coupon was from September MS booklet at Tom Thumb, customer service counter) Ocean spray sparkling 4 packs 1.99 - used 1.50 coupon from same Tom Thumb booklet - .49/ea. eggs and old spice - free coupons from Kroger home mailer.

And trip #2 Lawry's - same as above Mott's apple juice 1.99 - used $2/2 coupon from Tom Thumb booklet Smart balance 1.79 - used .50 coupon doubled = .79/ea. (I'm low on speadable bu…

Walgreens Deals 8/21

If you have any huggies coupons and don't want to mess with RR, then this would be a good coupon to use!

Use $4 coupon from 7/31 PG = $1.99 razor.

Use $2 IP HERE = $5.49/pack
There are always random $1 off reach or listerine coupons so combine them with this:

Use the $1 IP from for .99 deo. (this is my hubby's fav)

This is just because raisin bran crunch NEVER goes on sale and I rarely see coupons for it. I've seen some $1/2 kellogg's coupons in the inserts lately that would make this $2/box. I normally wouldn't pay anywhere near that price - but I freaking love Raisin Bran Crunch!

For the colgate, use the $1 or the $1.50 coupon from the 7/31 SS. - FREE
I might see you at walgreens this week!! (don't take all my diapers!)

CVS Deals 8/21

Do I need to explain more here?? There's an additional $1 IP at

Use $2 insert coupon from 8/7 SS = $1.49 razor or cartridge

I found $1.50 coupons for this in a booklet at Tom Thumb, I don't know how much it is - BUT, if they are around $4/bottle and I can use 2 coupons, .50/bottle isn't bad!

Use .50 colgate TP from the 7/24 SS, and you've got some cheap TP.

Use $3 coupon HERE
That's about it at CVS this week!
Now that I'm starting to really feel better and school is starting, I might just be able to stay in the swing of things again!!

$50 JC Penny's Gift card for only $25!!

If you are a member of Plum District (similar to Groupon) then log onto your account! If you aren't a member yet, then what are you waiting for?? Sign up here.

Get the deal here.

Then click on Make it Mine.

Remember that JC Penny always has great sales!

THE FINE PRINTVoucher may be redeemed starting 8/12/2011Limit one per customer; one additional may be purchased as a giftValid only at; not valid in jcpenney storesVoucher may not be applied toward taxes and shippingEntire voucher amount must be used in one transactionPurchases may be exchanged, but by mail onlyVoucher may not be combined with any other offers or promotionsExpires 01/31/12

Grocery Ads!!

Sprouts (don't forget, you can price match at walmart!)
Blueberries (pint) 1.50
peachs/nectarines/plums .88/lb
green/red leaf lettuce/spinach .88/bunch
pears .77/lb
roma tomatoes .69/lb
yellow squash  & zuchinni .99/lb
broccoli crowns/ green beans .99/lb
boneless skinless chicken thighs 1.48/lb
sprouts pita chips 1.50

Salmon fillets 4.99/lb

cheetos 1.79/ea. WYB 4 bonless skinless chicken breast 1.79/lb bluebell 3.77 - use $1 coupon HERE velveeta shells .99
10 for 10 + get 3 free deal. Final price = .77/ea.
Act II popcorn
Gulden mustard - .30 coupon here = FREE
hunts pasta sauce
snak paks
crunch n munch
In store coupon deals (coupons found in the ad)
propel .49 (limit 5)
C&H sugar 1.99 (limit 4)
party size M&M's 4.88 (limit 2, plain , pretzel, and peanut) these are normally about $8!!!

Tom Thumb
Corn on the cob - .20/ea.
nectarines .99/lb
romaine/green leaf/red leaf lettuce .99/ea.
del monte fruit naturals 1.00/ea.

Cheap diapers on!!

I know I've been lame lately (doesn't that always happen when I have babies??), but I have been out of town for the last week and a half and this deal was just too good to pass up and not share!!!

Go HERE and log on to your Amazon Mom account. Don't have one yet?? Sign up now!! They offer discounts on everyday baby items and free Prime shipping for 3 months!! Did I mention it's free?

Then search for diapers. Luvs brand. The BIG packs. Click here if you want it to be easier!

Choose the size you need. With the Amazon Mom discount and choosing subscribe and save (Hints below on how to work that one) you will get 30% off for a price of $26.59. This breaks down as follows:

Size 1 - 300 diapers at .09/diaper.
Size 2 - 258 diapers at .10/diaper.
Size 3 - 234 diapers at .11/diaper
Size 4 - 204 diapers at .13/diaper
Size 5 - 168 diapers at .15/diaper
Size 6 - 136 diapers at .19/diaper

Since I'm having a baby in January, I bought a box of size 2 and a box of size 3. Stocking…

CVS Deals this week


the creme is 4.19 and the wipes are 2.99. Use the $4 off from the 6/19 SS ( you would need at least 4 of these) to have yourself a moneymaker!!

Use $1/3 IP HERE
Other deals

Use the $3 coupon from the 7/10 SS for .99 razors!

That's all that sticks out to me right now!