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Super Cheap P&G items at Kroger

Kroger this week (until Tuesday, unless the deal goes 2 weeks) has a deal on P&G items. Usually I'm not big into these at the grocery stores because they are free usually at CVS, but this time around there were some great coupons to stack and to be honest, it's time I start stocking up on toilet paper!!

You save $4 instantly when you buy 4 participating items, the prices I am listing are the prices AFTER the promo comes off. (I successfully did 12 items in 1 transaction, taking off $12)

Here's what I picked up today:

Here is what I paid for each item:

Charmin 5.99 - $3 ecoupon you can load to your kroger card HERE, AND the .25 paper coupon that triples = $2.24 for 12 double rolls.
Crest toothpaste 1.50 - .75 ecoupon and .75 insert coupon (there's also a .50 that will double) = free
Dawn (the big ones) 1.49 - .50 ecoupon and .25 that will triple and .50 that will double = free
Olay soap 4.49 - 1.50 ecoupon and 2.00 paper coupon = .99
Old spice deoderant  1.29 -  1.00/2 paper coupon
old spice body wash 2.50 - free WYB deodorant paper coupons (they took off 3.50, because the 2.50 is after the $4 promo), $1 ecoupon
Secret deodorant 1.29 - .50 paper coupon that doubles = .29
febreeze 1.49 - 1.00 ecoupon = .49
herbal essence 1.94 - buy 1 get 1 free, they took off 2.94 because that was the price before the promo = .94 for 2.
Toothbrushes 1.49 - .75 paper coupon

All of the ecoupons were from the link that I put earlier. You can use them 1 hour after loading on your card.

Hope you have as much fun as I did with this one!


Anonymous said…
Ashley, I'm confused. The Kroger website says you can't stack a manufacturere's ecoupon with a paper coupon, but it looks like that's what you did? Did they do a manual override for you to get these prices, or were you using a paper or ecoupon but not both and figuring in the $4 savings? Thanks for the clarification. :)
cristy said…
Christine I am going to attempt to do this tomorrow. Will the coupons loaded on our card double? Also once you use the coupon it is gone right? So did you use more than one card or am I missing something. It is time to stock up on the TP again for me and the shampoo and conditioner after 2 years of not buying yikes............thanks for all your help so we can all be successful at saving money.
Ashby Family said…
Becca - I didn't notice the not stacking thingy, so I did it and it worked like a charm. No beeping, etc.

Cristy - loaded coupons will not double and you can only use them once. After that they are gone. I did not use more than one card, I just got some extra stuff, that's all. Good luck!
cristy said…
okay thank you so much. I did notice today it looks like the sale goes through next week as well so since i did not have a lot of time to prep i hope to go back tomorrow.

Also, did you know that kroger now doubles / triples as many coupons as you like in one single transaction? Also have you visited the new Kroger out in El Darado (LOVE IT) and they have never been super busy when I go in and have a great selection of clearanced fresh food. I have scored big bags of potatoes for $1 love it love it.

Oh yes and thank you so much for posting again miss seeing you posting.

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