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My shopping spree!!!!

Kroger, OOP - $30.31 ($94.06 retail)

Things I didn't list in THIS POST are: milk 1.99/gallon salad - free item mailer (from kroger) eggs - free item mailer (from kroger) 2- 3lb. bags cuties $3.49, had .55/1 coupons = $2.94/bag coconut milk 1.59 (curry, anyone??) dannon yogurt 1.88 - had .40 coupons that doubled. half and half (clam chowder!) a million packages of cream of wheat. on sale for $2.19 and I had $2 coupons!!
CVS - OOP $3.16 (retail??? a lot)

Dawn .94 - .25 P&G coupon (filler item for me) Orab B battery toothbrush $6, get 3 ECB - $3 P&G coupon = FREE Crest toothpaste $3.29, get 3.29 ECB - $1 P&G coupon = moneymaker! Fusion razor $9.99, get 4 ECB - $4 P&G coupon = $1.99! other items were 90% clearance. I used as fillers.
P&G insert was HOT this Sunday. Great coupons!
Walgreens, OOP $4.39 (started with $12 in RR, finished with $50 in RR!!)
Details in this post.

The manager gave me a CASE of motrin and a stack of $6 coupons. Each 2 motrin I "bought" equaled a $3 …

Walgreens Dealio's


Applied Nutrition - $10, get  $10 RR
Final Price = Free after RR

Aquaphor lip repair - $4.99, get  $4 RR
use $1 IP = FREE after coupon/RR

Baby Magic lotion/body wash - $3, get  $3 RR

Buy Colgate Total Gum Defense or Total Advanced - $2.99, get a $3 RR, use .75 insert coupon = moneymaker!

Buy Motrin IB Pain Relief (20 ct) - $3, get a $3 RR, use $1 IP, or $6/2 insert coupon = moneymaker!

NasoGel Drip Free Gel Spray - $4.99, get a $5 RR = free!

Super Poligrip - $1.99, get a $2 RR, use$1 PoliGrip IP=  moneymaker 

spend $20 on Vicks, get $10 RR
Transaction idea...
Buy 4 Vicks Sinex - $5.49
Buy 4 Puffs tissues

Use 4 $4/1 coupons (this week's P&G)
Use 4 Free Puffs WYB Vicks coupons(this week's P&G)

Spend $5.96 OOP, get a $10 RR = $4.04 moneymaker!!!!

Other Deals!

Theraflu 6 pack vapor patches, 6 ct packets, liquid (8.3 oz), or caplets (24 ct) - $4.99, get a $1 RR, assorted insert coupons, $2 IP here. = 1.99

Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor - $9.99, get $4 RR, use$4 coupon in this w…

3 Redbox Movies for $1!

This is a GROUPON deal today!!

For $1, you get 3 rentals ($3 worth) at any redbox! You need to buy it in the next day, but your codes will be good through June 1, 2011. You may purchase one for yourself and 2 additional's as gifts.


Sign into your account,

Click BUY.

Enjoy your movies!!!

Haven't signed up yet?? Go HERE to register for Groupon.

**If you have Swagbucks, log into your account and click trialpay in the special offers section, and purchase your groupon through that link - 315 swagbucks!!!

Saturday shop

With gas prices on the rise ($3.25/gallon today), and a major looming paycut in my husbands job, it's time to shop smarter. Even smarter than I already am!!!! (HAHA)

So while we were in Sherman for my son's soccer game, we stopped by the Albertsons right by the field to get the deals for this week!

(I also needed milk and bananas)

It's amazing to me that so few items can cost $20.
And an example for those that think I'm crazy when I feed my family of 5 for $120/month budget.
I made lasagna for my family. It's a 9x13 pan. I even made HOMEMADE noodles (since I don't want to pay $2 for some flour and eggs in a box).
This is what we had left AFTER everyone ate.

I guess my kids just don't eat that much right now.

There is such a thing as free lunch!!

Or, free gatorade. As this case may be.

I was browsing through my local grocery store (Brookshire's) and found a TON of hangtags that were $1 off 1 gatorade Prime 01 and Recover 03. I took all the ones I could find and purchased the only 2 the store had left.  They had a longer expiration date (3/31/11) so I stuck the remaining 21 coupons in my binder and waited.

And waited.

And waited some more.

THEN, last week they went on sale at Brookshire's for $1 each!!

21 bottles of gatorade for ZERO. 
Don't believe me?

I speak da troof!!
I also had fun mountain biking with my love last weekend.
Hey, it can't ALWAYS be about coupons.

FREE 8x10 Collage Today Only!


Go HERE and click redeem now to get your free 8X10!

Select pick up in store for no shipping charges.

Grocery Ads

Okay guys, it's time to STOCK UP ON CHICKEN!!!!!

Thursday - Sunday
-boneless skinless chicken breasts - 1.29/lb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't seen this price in over 2 years!!! See you there tomorrow!!!!
-strawberries 1.88

regular sale dates
oranges 10/.88
pollock fillets 1.99/lb
pink lady apples .88/lb (sold in 8 lb bag)
baby carrots .88
mangos .88
GM cereal 1.88
eggs .88!!!

Tom Thumb
Chicken 1.99/lb
broccoli crowns .99/lb
gatorade .88
kraft mac & cheese .69
progresso 1.00

Bluberries 1.25/6oz
gala/fuji apples .88/lb
bulk bins are 25% off!!! go stock up on some oatmeal, beans, etc.

Eggs 1.00/doz
land o lakes spreadable margerine 1.00
mission tortillas 1.00
snackpack puddings 1.00

buy a 10 inch skillet, get for free,
- 1 pound sausage
- bisquick shake and pour
- tub of margarine
- syrup
northwest apples 1.00/lb
hormel pepperoni 1.00/ea. - I have a 1.00/2 insert coupon
blue bonnet 1.00
bisquick shake and pour 1.00

Walgreens Deal-a-rama!!


Arnicare pain relief gel - $5.99, get a $6 RR , use the $2 IP that I've posted MANY times. (go to last week's walgreens deals and print it again!
= $2 moneymaker!!
Dove deodorant  - $1.99 (w/ in ad coupon), use the $2 insert coupon from 1/30 RP = FREE
(Give the store coupon LAST - you will get $.01 overage, and as long as you have something to cover the overage, there shouldn't be any "beeps" with coupons)

Neuragen Gel - $14.99, get a $10 RR - use the $10 coupon from walgreens diabetes magazine. (good luck finding it!) = $5.01 moneymaker!!

Buy RepHresh Brilliant PH tampons (18 ct) - $5.99, get a $5 RR
$1/1 RepHresh printable
Final Price = Free after coupon/RR

Other Dealios

Colgate  $2.99 - use $1 walgreens IVC (february book) and another insert coupon for $1 = .99

Gillette Fusion razor - $9.99, get a $4 RR - use $4 insert coupon (my store has TONS of extras at the beauty counter) = $1.99 after coupons and RR

Lysol Healthy Touch  - $11.99, get a $7 RR
$3/1 Lyso…

CVS Deals!!


Cadbury single or Cadbury mini eggs - $.75, get $.75 ECB(limit 1)
Final Price = FREE after ECBs
 (Sun-Tues only)

Colgate  - $2.77 get $2 ECB(limit 2)
I've seen a .50/1 in an insert and a $1/1 in the Walgreens diabetes bookFinal Price = cheap or free after coupons/ECBs

Gold Emblem Jelly beans - $.99, get $.99 ECB(limit 1)
Final Price = FREE after ECBs

Buy Mars or Wrigley's singles - 4/$2, get a $1 ECB(limit 2 per household)
BOGO snickers PB - insert coupon
Final Price = Free after coupons/ECBs

Unadvertised deal!!
Purchase 1 EOS lip balm - $2.99, get a $2.99 ECB

Other Deals

Buy Dr. Pepper - 3/$10, get a $3 ECB (limit 1 per household)
Final Price = 3/$7 after ECBs

Buy Pampers diapers or Easy Ups jumbo packs - $8.99 get a $2 ECB (limit 1 per household)$1.50/1 Pampers - insert coupon, and I've gotten some home mailers as well
Final Price = $5.49 after coupons/ECBs

Purex 3 in 1 sheets - $3.99
$3/1 Purex - insert coupon
Final Price = $.99 after coupon (GREAT PRICE)
Purex laundry …

HOT Groupon Deal!!

If you haven't signed up for Groupon yet, check it out!! It's free and you are basically getting items for 50% off!!

Today's Groupon is $5 worth of rentals at Blockbuster Express (like redbox) for $2!!! (That would be FIVE movies) Once purchased, it expires on May 1, 2011.

Here's how...

~Go to groupon and log in. Or sign up if you haven't yet.

~At the top, where it says Get Daily Deal for...choose Atlanta.

~Click on the green BUY button and complete the checkout.

(this is not valid on Bluray titles)

If you do SWAGBUCKS, there is an even BETTER deal!!!!!

Log into your swagbucks account, and if you don't have one, go HERE to sign up.(It's a search engine like google, but you earn points for searching and then can redeem the points for giftcards!! That's how I got my Chi hair straightener for free!!)

Then go to "Special Offers" of the left hand side.

Then click on the "Trialpay" wall and select Groupon. Change the city to Atlanta, and off…

Grocery Deals

Here are the items and prices that stood out to me this week. (Sorry I'm late, I've been really sick the last couple days) The deals run through Tuesday.

Remember, if you don't want to go to more than one store, take all your ads to Walmart and they will price match the items!!

Strawberries 1.69!!
Cantelope .88/each
Avacados .88/ea.

Eggs 1.00/dozen (woohoo!! stock up time!! I always have 4 dozen eggs on hand)
Roma tomatoes 1.00/lb
pink lady's 1.00/lb. (my fav apples)
tabasco 1.00
campbell's condensed soups 1.00/ea. - coupon here
pillsbury cake mix 1.00
fresh express salads .99/ea. after in store coupon
peter pan peanut butter 1.19
tony's pizza 1.00 - insert coupons in last sunday's smartsource! and here
fri-sun - boneless skinless chicken 1.49/lb!!!! stock up!!!!!

Tom Thumb
Grapes 1.00/lb
bell peppers 1.00/ea.
pears .99/lb
romas .99/lb
powerade .60/ea. with in store coupon (limit 10)

1 lb. rice or pinto beans .50/ea.
Hillshire far…

Coupon Lingo

If you are just getting starting in couponing, you'll find that it's almost a different language sometimes!! I have a lot of the lingo on my sidebar if you ever forget, but here is the general breakdown of what everything means...

OOP - out of pocket money
CRT - cash register tape (a coupon at the end of your receipt)
YMMV - your mileage may vary (means that the deal can be store/cashier/manager specific)
P&G - proctor and gamble coupon insert in the sunday paper
RP - redplum coupon insert
SS - smartsource coupon insert
B1G1 - buy 1 item get 1 item free
B1G2 - buy 1 get 2 items free
GC - gift card
catalina - the coupons that print at the register at most grocery stores

$1/1, $1/2 - $1 off 1 item, $1 off 2 items, etc.
Blinkies - the machines at stores that blink on the sides that spit out coupons. Look like this:

Peelies - coupons that are stuck directly on the item. You have to "peel" it off to use it. Like this:

Tearpads -just a stack of coupons taped to the shelf, you can ta…

Walgreens Scenario's

This is EXACTLY what I am planning on doing for the Walgreens deals this week. I am starting with $4 in RR, and I will be spending $5.62 OOP with $14 in RR left over. I will be getting $68.07 in merchandise.

1 Arnicare 5.99 (get 6 RR)
1 tuf paper towel .49

total  $6.48 - use $2 IP coupon and $4 RR. Pay .48 OOP and get back $6 RR

1 Nutragel thing 14.99 (get 10 RR)
1 reach floss 2.99 (get 2 RR)
1 Tuf .49

Total $18.47 - use $10 insert coupon, .50 insert coupon, and 6 RR from #1. Pay $1.99, get $12 in RR back.

1 lysol touch 11.99 (get 7 RR)
1 Tuf .49
1 no nonsense pantyhose .69

Total $13.17 - use $3 manufacturer coupon, and 10 RR from #2. Pay .17, get $7 RR back

1 Arnicare 5.99 (get 6 RR)
1 cottonelle 5
1 tuf .49

total $11.48 - use $1 cottonelle wags coupon & .50 insert coupon, $2 arnicare IP, and 7 RR from #3. Pay .98 and get $6 RR back

Same as #2

To see where the coupons came from go to the post here. and to see why I am buying random "filler" items, check out th…

Swim Lessons!

***This is for my locals, so if you follow this blog but don't live in the North Dallas Area, then ignore this.***

BUT, I wanted to get the word out before I fill up again. I have already booked some swim lessons for this summer, so if you are thinking about having your kids swim this time around, then let's get you scheduled so you have first pick of the times and dates!!

Last summer I filled up SO fast, the sooner you sign up, the more chance you have of getting a spot. (or getting your kids a spot)

The website is here:  T Fish Swimming School

You can sign up and pay through paypal right on the site. (it's on the right sidebar, you may need to scroll down a little)

Tell your friends!

Domino's Deal

2 deals that you can combine for CHEAP dinner!

Buy 1 get 1 free large pizza at menu price AND free cinnastix. (yum-o!)

Go to Domino's website and create your 2 large pizza's. (1 topping is 11.99, 2 topping is 12.99, 3 topping is 13.99)

I made 2 two topping pizzas (bacon and chicken, pepperoni and bell peppers)

Then add some cinnastix to your cart.

In the review order page, add the code EBCS for FREE cinnastix, and the code ACCESS for B1G1 large pizza. They are stackable. Select carryout for the cheapest option.

Here's my order,

And 2 large pizzas? we are talking 3 dinners for us this week.
And Happy Valentine's Day.

Parent's Magazine Subscription for $3.76!

Seriously, a 1 year subscription for $3.76!!

Here's how:

Sign in to your Shopathome account. Don't have one?? Sign in through this link and get a $5 bonus! (It's free to sign up)

When you are signed up and logged in, search for Best Deal Magazines and hit the Shop Now button.

Once there, search for Parent's Magazine and click on Add to cart.

At check out, enter the code WKLYSPEC to get 20% off!!

Done and done.

Walgreen's Deals!!


Arnicare pain relief gel - $5.99, get a $6 RR(monthly deal) $1 IP HERE = $2 moneymaker!

Neuragen Gel - $14.99, get a $10 RR (monthly deal) $10 insert coupon = $5 moneymaker! (I hope I have this coupon!)

Reach toothbrush or floss - $2.99, get a $2 RR - there are assorted insert coupons for this. and IP HERE = can be $1 moneymaker!

Relaxer Kit Dark & Lovely Optimum Care - $5.99, get 4 RR - use $2 IP HERE = free

Other Delio's

Lysol Healthy Touch hand soap system - $11.99, get a $7 RR, use $3 IP HERE or insert Q = $1.99/ea.

Filler items:
-Ajax dish liquid - $.79 (w/ in ad coupon)
-Campbell's tomato or chicken noodle soup - 2/$1 (w/ in ad coupon)
-Jell-O - 2/$1 (w/ in ad coupon)
-No Nonsense pantyhose - $.69 (w/ in ad coupon)
-Tuf paper towels - $.49 (w/ in ad coupon)

I'll be posting my transactions after I figure them out, okay?

CVS deals!!

Buy Colgate  $3.79, get  $3.79 ECB(limit 2 ) I've seen some .50-$1 coupons out there, so possible moneymaker!

Buy Listerine, Reach toothbrushes or floss $3.99, get  $2 ECB(limit 2 ) There are assorted insert coupons and I've seen a TON of $1.50/1 hangtags right on the bottles of listerine. Free or cheap!

Other Deals that don't suck.

Huggies jumbo pack diapers - 2/$17.98, get a $4 ECB(limit 1) THere are printable coupons ($2) HERE.
Buy 2 packs, use 2 $2 IP, pay $13.98, and get $4 ECB back = $4.99/each
Speed Stick $2.99, get a $2 ECB(limit 1) there are some .50/1 insert coupons = .49/ea.

I know, it's still looking kind of lame, but HEY! FREE toothpaste!

My weekly shopping trip

I hit up 3 stores this week, and did not purchase a lot of groceries. (that's the nice thing about having a stockpile of meats, canned foods, dried goods, and frozen veggies)

Walgreens - $14 OOP, still have $5 RR

CVS - $2 OOP, still have $10 in ECB

Walmart - $4 OOP (had a small giftcard)

And I'm done until I send my hubby to sprouts for me to pick up some great priced veggies!

Grocery Ads

STOCK UP ON CHICKEN! boneless skinless is 1.48/lb!!

Cantelope .88/ea.
broccoli crowns .88/lb
green beans .88/lb
seedless red grapes .88/lb

Blue Bell!!!! 2.98!!! $1 coupon HERE = $1.98 each!!
Pink lady apples .99/lb (these are my fav!)
pillsbury cake mixes .99 - printable coupons here
Navel oranges 10/$1

Tom Thumb
red seedless grapes .99/lb (fri-mon)
asparagus 1.88/lb.
boneless skinless chicken 1.99/lb.
pepperidge farm cookies 1.88/ea. (fri-mon)
tilapia fillets 3 lbs/$7.99 = $2.67/lb (best price I've seen!)

Walgreen's deals

Deals for the week of Sunday, February 6.


Veripur hand sanitizer 3.99, get 4 RR

Colgate toothpaste 2/$5, get $3RR - there are $1 insert coupons recently.
Buy 2, use 2 $1 coupons, pay $3, and get $3 back = earn $1 on two

Right Guard Body wash $3.99, get 3RR, there are $1 peels (if you can find them)

Other deals
eggs .99/dozen
Garnier shampp/conditioner 3/$10, get 5 RR WYB $15
 - buy 5 @3.33 each = $16.66, use 5 $1 coupons HERE, pay $11.66, get $5 back = $1.33/each
OR buy 3 Herbashine @$5 each = $15, use 3 $3 coupons(insert) or HERE, pay $6, get $5 back = $0.33/each
Irish spring 2.99, get 2 RR
Revlon Colorsilk 2.49 w/ in ad coupon
Aquafresh .99 w/ in ad coupon - I have a .75 insert coupon
Kotex 3/$9, get $3RR - 2.50/2 coupon HERE
 buy 3, use the 2.50 coupon, pay 6.50, get $3 back = $1.17/ea.
Buy Lysol Healthy Touch - $11.99, get a $7 RR
$3/1 Lysol Healthy Touch (insert) = $1.99 after coupon/RR

Buy $25 of Huggies, get 5 RR
buy 3 pack diapers, and use 3 $2 coupons HERE or HERE. Pay $20.97 and…

CVS Deals

Buy 2 Mars, Hershey's, or Nestle, @ $5, get 1 ECB has a 1.50/1
buy 2 nestle valentines candy $5
use 2 $1.50 IP
Pay $2, get 1 ECB = .50/bag.

Trident gum .99, get .99 ECB

Spend $10 on Nivea, get $5 ECB - assorted insert coupons

Buy 2 Kraft/velveeta Mac & Cheese @ $6, get 3 ECB

Excedrin 1.99 - 2.50 insert coupon

Gatorade G2 1.00 - $1 hangtags and $1/3 hangtags (found mine at brookshires)

I know, I've not been impressed with CVS the last couple of weeks. Bummer.

Alice and Wonderland - out of the Vault!!

You can print a $10 coupon HERE

And you may be asked to enter the UPC from one of the following movies.

-Alice in Wonderland DVD 707729124917
-Beauty and the Beast Diamond Edition
-Fantasia/Fantasia 2000 Diamond Edition
-Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland 786936798036
-The Boys:  Sherman Brothers
-Walt & El Grupo

Walmart has it priced at $19.96 and Best Buy has it priced at $19.99, so it ends up being just $10 after the coupon!  (Target's price is $22.99)

Remember - this is for the Bluray!! and it comes with a regular copy as well.