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Coby Pocket Camcorder for $14!!

GREAT deal on this little pocket camcorder!!

 Only $14 on Amazon and you know these deals go FAST!! It's eligible for free shipping when you spend $25!

Go HERE to buy!

Tangled Coupon

I'm pretty bummed that Disney is being cheap and giving only a $5 coupon for this movie. They even gave an $8 coupon for Toy Story 3.

Lame - o's

Anyway, here is the coupon. (for the blu-ray special pack)

And you can use it at Target, and get the 4 pack for $19.99 after coupons IF you have the $5 target home mailer coupon.

You can use it at Walmart for 24.96 after the coupon.

Or you can just pre-order it on Amazon RIGHT NOW for $19.99.

The regular movie is $14.99 at Walmart.

Grocery Ads

green grapes .99
peter pan peanut butter .99
purex 1.99 (limit 2)
kraft 3-pack string cheese is STILL $1!! Look for more tearpads!
General Mill cereal/Nature valley granola bars/yoplait yogurt is $1.50/ea. WYB 4
fuji apples .99/lb
Thurs - Sun

Turkey breast .79/lbshrimp 3.99/lbcottonelle 3.99!!Tom Thumb chicken thigh's .88/lb Braeburn apples .99/lb pears .99/lb
Sprouts 3 lb. bag clementine's 1.88 Broccoli .99/lb green beans .99/lb cauliflower .99/head bunch spinach .99/ea. cluster tomatoes 1.88/lb
Kroger Pork spareribs 1.49/lb Buy 10 get $5 off continues!!  - country crock 1.29/ea.  - Advil 2.49 - if you bought motrin at walgreens the other week, you will have $2 catalina coupon Broccoli crowns 1.00/lb green beans 1.00/lb kroger brand frozen veggies .88/lb
Diamond boneless skinless chicken breast 1.38/lb!!!

Monday shopping

This is going to get a little crazy, stay with me here...


All items were part of the Buy 10 get $5 off instantly except the grapes, cream of wheat, and chicken. I did 60 items in one transaction and got $30 off instantly. THEN I used my coupons and paid about $30. Items I didn't mention in this post are(prices are AFTER promo): ronzoni pasta .69, use $1 off 2 coupons HERE = .19/ balance butter 1.79, I used $1/2 insert coupons = $1.29/lb for BUTTER!sunny D .79, I had .25 insert coupons that tripled = .09powerade .50, I used a $1/5 home mailer from kroger = .30/ea.dannon kids 1.69, I used $1 insert coupons = .69/ea.kraft singles 1.49, I used $1/2 home mailer = $1/ea.Philadelphia cooking cream 1.99, I used $1.50 tearpad coupons (found at brookshire's) = .49/ea.Before my card was scanned it was like, $200, and then after my card it went down to $125 or so. After all the coupons (and it took a while), I was around $30.
Want to know what 63 3-packs of string chee…

CVS Deals!!


Allegra $6.99, get 6.99 ECB - Use $2 insert coupon = $2 moneymaker
Chronic pain spray $18.99, get 18.99 ECB = FREE
Crest toothpaste $3.50, get 2.50 ECB, use $1 blinkie coupon ( they might be gone now) = free!

And that's all I planning on doing this week!!

Grocery Ads

Kraft Cheese $1!!!!! (I've seen $1/2 blinkie's at kroger!)
Dannon Greek yogurt $1
boneless skinless chicken breast $1.49/lb!
3 day sale fri-sun
-crystal light .99
-12 roll charmin 4.99 - .50 P&G coupon doubled = $3.99
-cantelope .99
-chicken leg quarters .39/lb

Strawberries 1.29!
lemons 4/$1
fuji .88/lb
red & yellow bell peppers .88/ea.
bulk oats .69/lb!! GREAT price! Time to stock up!

Tom Thumb
buy 10 gatorade @ $1/ea., get 5 free (fir - mon)
Buy 3, they are $1.99/ea.
 - windex
 - clorox
 - lysol
 - febreeze
red baron 1.99 (w/ in ad coupon), I've seen .50 peelie's @ albertsons. when doubled = .99/ea.
skippy 1.49 (w/ in ad coupon)
canned green giant veggies .49 (w/ coupon)
cannon kids yogurt 1.77 (w/ coupon)

eggs 1.00/dozen
white seedless grapes 1.00/lb
kraft cheese B1G1 free
buy 10 items get $5 off instantly (prices are AFTER promo)
 - OM hot dogs .99
 - vitamin water .50
 - powerade .50
 - dannon activia 1.49
 - caprisun 1.40
 - bu…

Solo Shopping

Dave is off for spring break so I took off with no kids this afternoon and went to a million stores.
Walgreens OOP - $.47

Diaper deal at walgreens - W brand is B1G1 free @ $8.99.
Use the coupon in this booklet (I had to ask the manager)
Use the $2 Walgreens coupon

It will take $4 off two packs!! The numbers look like this:
2 packs @ 8.99 = $17.98 -$2 coupon x 2 = (4.00) -8.99 (B1G1) = (8.99) total = $4.99/2 packs!!! (that's 2.50/pack)
Bread store ~ $8

Albertson's ~ $6 & Brookshires ~ $3

CVS ~ $2

Tom Thumb ~ $3

Hades (aka: Walmart) (not shown - 25 lbs. sugar)

Long day. We have everything we need for a while.

Grocery Ads

Cantelope 1.00
Totino's 1.00
Ronzoni pasta $1/2 - I know there are coupons for this!
Ragu 1.00
C&H sugar 1.99
fuji apples 1.00/lb

Cantelope .77/ea.
green beans .88/lb
red/gold bell peppers .77/ea.

eggs .99/dozen
totino's 1.00
GG steamers 1.50
 birds eye frozen veggies 1.00

Tom Thumb
B/S chicken 1.99/lb
broccoli .88/lb
classico pasta sauce 1.50
barilla 1.00
fri-mon 3 lb cuties 2.99 - use .55 insert coupon - $2.44/3 lbs.
rosarita refried beans 1.00
nabisco snack paks 1.00

Totino's .99
Hamburger helper .97(remember when there were .50/1 coupons?)
pillsbury rolls 1.25 - .30 coupon tripled = .35/ea.
Chex mix 1.25 - .50/2 coupon HERE doubled - .75/ea.
zatarains 1.00
Broccoli crowns 1.25/lb
annie's mac and cheese .99
old spice deodorant 1.99 - load $1 ecoupon HERE and then use $1 insert coupon
old spice body wash 3.00 - load $1 ecoupon HERE and use FREE WYB deodorant P&G coupon = deoderant and wash for $0!!
Always/tampax 6.99 - l…

Shopping Spree!

OOP $2

Tom Thumb OOP $23

And I'm DONE until the end of next week.

5 ways to cut the grocery budget with NO COUPONS!


No coupons?!?!

How is that even possible??

I haven't always couponed. I only started in the fall of 2007. But there are a few things that I've always done to keep the grocery budget down. It's been a necessity for me since the first 2 years of marriage involved finishing up college, having a baby, moving twice, becoming a stay-at-home mom while Dave started work in education. It's a great profession but being a teacher or working for a school district does not involve your family rolling in the money.

Can I get an AMEN?!
So here's what we do to make it work.

1. Meal Plan

Writing down actual meals with recipes on a calendar (we keep a magnetic one on the fridge) makes planning for the week (or two weeks) super easy. I look at the calendar and BAM, I already know what I'm making that day. Also, with the recipes and a shopping list including ONLY the items that you need to make those meals, you are becoming an efficient shopper! Sticking to your list and not …

CVS deals!!


Spend $20 on select Benefiber, Gas-X, Maalox, or Prevacid, get $10 ECB (limit 1), the best deal would be to do the Gas-X(if you have 4 $4 coupons)
*Idea* Buy 4 @ $6.29/ea. = $25.16
Use 4 $4 coupons (from december or something)
Pay $9.16, get $10 ECB = $.84 moneymaker!

Revlon Nail polish - $3.99, get a $3 ECB (limit 1), use the $1 insert coupon = FREE

Other deals:

Revitalens - $7.89, get a $4 ECB (limit 1)
There is a $3 insert coupon = $.89 (I've heard there are some $4 peelies on the packages - good luck!)

Spend $10 on Easter candy, get $3 ECB (limit 2)
There are assorted insert coupons, but I don't have any of those. I am using the ones HERE.

Schick Hydro - $8.79, get a $5 ECB (limit 1), use the $2 insert coupon = $1.79

Walgreens Dealio's


PediaCare - $5 off with in ad coupon, and $3/2 IP HERE
   infants fever reducer is 5.99($1.02 overage when you buy 2), children's fever reducer is 6.99(pay $.49/ea. WYB 2). 
I think I will buy 1 infants and 1 children's = $12.98, use the $5 off coupon (will take off $10), and the $3 IP, giving me -.02 total!
Always $2.99, get $2 RR(valid through 3/26), use .50 P&G coupon or $1 P&G mailer

Applied Nutrition $10, get $10 RR

Other deals

Pampers - 2/$20, get a $3 RR. Use $2 P&G coupon and $2 Walgreens coupon (code: 5521)
   Buy 2 packs, use 2 $2 MF coupons and the code 5521 (will take off $4) = $12, and get $3 RR back. That's $4.50/pack!
Softsoap body wash - 2/$7, get a $5 RR = $1 each

~Ajax cleanser - 3/$1 (in ad coupon)
~Bowl Fresh - 3/$1 (in ad coupon)
~Deerfield Farms baking soda - 2/$1 (in ad coupon)
~Geisha mushrooms - 2/$1 (in ad coupon)
~Madam mandarin oranges - 2/$1 (in ad coupon)
~Morton salt - 2/$1 (in ad coupon)
~No Nonsense knee highs …

Grocery Deals

Sorry I'm late for this week, but better late than never, right??

Charmin toilet paper 12 double rolls $5.99. Use the $3 ecoupon HERE and the .25/1 P&G coupon(will triple) = $2.24!!
Bounty paper towels $5.99. Use the $2 ecoupon HERE and the .25/1 P&G coupon(will triple) = $3.24
Totinos pizza .99/ea. - use coupon HERE
b/s chicken breast 1.79/lb
5-6 kiwi in a pack - $1!!

Tom Thumb
buy 2 12 packs soda, get 2 12 packs free PLUS 2 bags of chips for free
save $5 WYB $15 of frozen food items (I haven't looked specifically yet)
Athenos greek yogurt .99 (I have a bunch of $1/2 coupons that I printed last month. they are no longer available)
Cheerios and quaker $1.49/each WYB 4 - assorted coupons HERE and ecoupons HERE and HERE.
BC fruit snacks .99
In ad coupons (spend $10 to qualify you for all coupons)
-simply potatoes 1.29
-lysol 1.49
-bag of b/s chicken 1.79/lb
-ragu .99
-quaker instant oatmeal 1.77 - i have a $1 insert coupon for this = .77

Saturday Savings

Here are the details from my normal Grocery shopping for the weekend. (with gas prices getting higher, I'm trying to not make special trips out to the store and only going when I'm already out.)

and, technically the shopping was done on Friday. sshhhhhh. don't tell!

The kids LOVE helping pick out produce.

How beautiful is this food?? (the kids are cute, too)

Here's the whole kit and caboodle. (kitten caboodle?) Total OOP: $26

Stores and items:
Kroger 8 boxes cream of wheat $2.19/ea. - used $2 tearpad coupons = .19/ea. 1 bounty paper towels $5.99 - used $2 ecoupon HERE and .25 P&G insert coupon tripled = $3.24 1 Charmin double roll $5.99 - used $3 ecoupon HERE and .25 P&G coupon tripled = $2.24 5 pack kiwi $1/ea.
Sprouts Broccoli crowns .99/lb roma tomatoes .77/lb green beans .77/lb strawberries 1.29/ea. onions .49/lb bell pepper .77/ea.
Aldi milk 1.19/gallon black beans .55/can bananas .37/lb 10 lb. potatoes 2.69 stick margarine .29/ea.
Because of the hard freeze that Texas experience…

2 Movie tickets for $4!!!

Today's Living Social deal (it's like Groupon) is $9 for 2 movie tickets to redeem at

BUT,  if you have never signed up before then you get a $5 credit and it's only $4!

UPDATE: It looks like they pulled the $5 credit - sorry about that!! Sorry about that!

Sign up HERE to buy!

Remember - this deal is for today only!

*Promo codes expire June 6th, and both must be used at the same time. Value of up to $15.