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Monday shopping

This is going to get a little crazy, stay with me here...


All items were part of the Buy 10 get $5 off instantly except the grapes, cream of wheat, and chicken. I did 60 items in one transaction and got $30 off instantly. THEN I used my coupons and paid about $30.
Items I didn't mention in this post are(prices are AFTER promo):
  • ronzoni pasta .69, use $1 off 2 coupons HERE = .19/ea.
  • smart balance butter 1.79, I used $1/2 insert coupons = $1.29/lb for BUTTER!
  • sunny D .79, I had .25 insert coupons that tripled = .09
  • powerade .50, I used a $1/5 home mailer from kroger = .30/ea.
  • dannon kids 1.69, I used $1 insert coupons = .69/ea.
  • kraft singles 1.49, I used $1/2 home mailer = $1/ea.
  • Philadelphia cooking cream 1.99, I used $1.50 tearpad coupons (found at brookshire's) = .49/ea.
Before my card was scanned it was like, $200, and then after my card it went down to $125 or so. After all the coupons (and it took a while), I was around $30.


Want to know what 63 3-packs of string cheese look like? huh?

Check it out...

Did I mention they were all free?? They are $1/ea. until Tuesday night and at Kroger I found tearpads for $1 off kraft string cheese. There was NO size restriction. When it's free, it's free. Oh, and if you are worried, you can freeze these. I only kept about 5 packs in the fridge and the rest are in the freezer.

There is also a bunch of regular grocery shopping items in that picture. Oh, and the lay's are on sale until tomorrow only for .99/bag. and the crystal light is .99/ea. (limit 2 on both)

Tom Thumb - $3

windex and soft scrub and febreeze are $1.99 WYB 3. I had $1 coupons for all. The red baron was $1.99 with in ad coupon and I used a .50 peelie I found at Brookshire's. (I think)


-joint health thingy $10, get $10 in RR
-Hunt's sauce 3/$1 with in ad coupon - I had a $3/10 coupon from a Tom Thumb weekly booklet = .03/ea.
-floss pickers $2, get $2
-Zone perfect/pure protein bars. .99 - I had .55/1 insert coupons for the zone bars and you can use a $1 IP for the pure protein bars for FREE bars!
-Reach floss. Do you guys see what I do for you? I read that if you buy 4 and use the .99 in-ad coupon, you would get a $4 RR. It didn't work. I will be returning those and getting my $4 back.


The reason this stuff is on this kid table? Because I also GOT the kids table and chairs. They were 75% off!! AND my favorite cashier was working who will take ANY CRT on any item! I also got to stock up on swiffer pads and solution, and olive oil is 3.99 this week!

I also returned a library book and dropped stuff off at goodwill.

I am beat. I think I'll go eat a string cheese.


heyitsme3321 said…
Very impressive and i am not going to start to follow you.
Whole Foods has coupons in store for Vitamin Water 50 cents off.
With Kroger running the buy 10 save 5.
With 10 coupons price came to free.
Went to 3 different Whole Foods to nab the coupons.
Purchased 220 bottle of Vitamin Water.
The kids love it more than Capri Suns.
Ashby Family said…
NICE job!!

Too bad whole foods is too far away from me or I'd be tempted to go raid the vitamin water!!
Sincerely Me said…
And thats why your the Shopping Queen!

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