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Walgreens 5/1 - 5/7


Use $2 coupon in 5/1 RP = $1.01 moneymaker!

Use $2 coupon HERE = free

Use $3 coupon in 5/1 PG = .01 moneymaker!

Use B1G1 right guard coupon 5/1 RP = FREE WYB 2
Other Deals

I've heard that when you buy 2, you get $3 in RR. I have not tried it yet, so we'll see if it works. Buy 2 cottonelle @ $5/ea., use the $1 in store coupon from the May booklet (It will take off $2), and then use 2 .50 coupons HERE or HERE. (remember that you can print 2 coupons per computer - just hit the back button) You will pay $7 and get back $3 in RR so you just got 24 rolls for $4!!!! (.17/roll!!)

Use $2 coupon from 4/10 SS OR $3 IP HERE OR $2 IP HERE = .99 - 1.99/ea. (depending on the coupon you used)

I happened to get SIX papers this week with that $4 coupon. Hopefully I can get my hands on 6 razors! (this is the best price I've seen in a while for these - and they are my favorite! Whatever happened to the day when we used to get all these for free??)

CVS Deals!!

I was pretty disappointed last week when I shopped the drugstores since both Walgreens AND CVS were out of everything I wanted. Let's see how this week goes.


You can also use the .75/1 coupon from 5/1 SS = moneymaker!

Use $1 Ivory coupon from the 5/1 PG = free!
Other Deals

If you like pantene, you can use the $3/2 from this weekend's PG = $1.49/ea.

Use the $3/1 coupon from 5/1 SS = $.99/ea.

Use the B1G1 coupon from 5/1 RP = .49 for 2

Grocery Ads 4/27

Strawberries 1.25/ea!!
Mangos .69/ea.
red, gold, orange bell peppers .99/ea.
Broccoli crowns, squash, zuchinni .99/lb
cucumbers/green bell peppers .49/ea.
gala/fuji apples .99/lb

whole fryers .49/lb
Farmland presliced deli meat 1.00
red seedless grapes .99/lb
jumbo green bells .50/ea.
split chicken breasts .88/lb (this is bone-in)
Pink lady apples .99/lb (my favorite apple!)
Limes 5/$1
case of mangos 3.99 (I'm assuming there are 6 or 7 in a case)
BEST DEAL - 1.2 pounds  package Honeysuckle lean ground turkey for $1/ea.!!! (limit 10) THIS IS A STOCK UP PRICE!! BUY 10 AND FREEZE THEM!!!
Homelife 6 double roll toilet paper 1.99 (limit 2)

red seedless grapes .99/lb
lunchables 1.00 (I found $1/2 peelies for this)
goldfish/cracker jacks 1.00 - .35 goldfish ecoupon HERE
Tony's pizza 1.00/ea. - $1/2 IP HERE = .50/ea.
Kraft Singles 1.79 - $1 IP HERE = .79/ea.
Crest Toothpaste 1.00/ea. - $1 ecoupon HERE = FREE
Nabisco go-packs 1.00
Del monte fruit naturels 1.…

Walgreens 4/24 - 4/30

Good deals!

This is a freebie!

OR a moneymaker! Use the $1 from the 3/27 RP or print one HERE.
Great fillers are as follows,

all images from

CVS 4/24 - 4/30


Use the $1 coupon from the 4/3/11 SS for a $1 moneymaker!!

$1 printable HERE, You can also use the $1 coupon from 3/27 redplum.
AND, if you still have the buy 2 get 1 free m&m's coupon, use it with this:

to get 3 for the price of 1!
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Couponing 101: Part 4 - Unlocking CVS

The secrets behind CVS.

When I first started couponing 4 years ago, I began with one store. CVS. I was looking for a way to save money on essentials and on a family finances forum people were talking about getting toothpaste and deodorant for free - I was like, "WHAT?!" How is this even possible? And I decided to find out.

Here is what I learned:

Get a card. It's free, and it's the only way you can get the deals at this store. All of your Extra Care Bucks are tied to your card only. (more on this later) You can pick one up in the store (I recommend this one, it's faster), or sign up online HERE. The cashier will need to scan your card at the beginning of every transaction.

Start earning Extra Care Bucks. (ECB's) Look in the ad or check out a blog (like mine!) Until you find a Buy X and get X ECB's! ECB's are like cash, so don't throw them away!!

In this case, you would buy the shaving cream for $3.29, and you will earn $2.30 in ECB's. It's in…

Great printable coupon!!

print a .50/1 coupon HERE!

This is a great coupon since these usually go on sale for $1. When the coupon doubles = FREE brownies!

Free toothbrush's, floss, and mouthwash at CVS

Go HERE and print the $1 listerine, $2/2 reach toothbrush, and $1 reach floss coupons for CVS this week.

(image from
This week only!!!! (Or take the coupons to walgreens and hope you can find something in stock. Because I sure didn't)

Grocery Ads are out!

grapefruit 8/.88
fuji apples .88/lb
lettuce .88
sweet potatoes .88/lb
yellow squash/zuchinni .88/lb
navel oranges .69/lb

boneless skinless chicken 1.69/lb
sweet potatoes .69/lb
C&H sugar 2.19
Blue Bell - 2.98!!!!! $1 coupon HERE
KC master piece BBQ sauce .79

Tom Thumb
Thursday only - fresh pineapple .99
Nabisco crackers 1.88 - I've seen $1/2 tearpads at brookshires.

strawberries 1.88/ea.
sweet potatoes .57/lb
kraft BBQ 1.00
Starburst jelly beans 1.88 - use $1/2 insert coupon = $1.38/bag
Birds-eye frozen veggies 1.00 - use $1/3 insert coupon = .67/bag
sister shubert rolls 2.50 - use .50/1 insert coupon doubled = 1.50/ea.
organic gala apples 1.00/lb
broccoli crowns 1.25/lb
corn on the cob .34/ea.

split chicken breasts 1.09/lb (this is ON the bone)
del monte veggies (cans) 5/$3
Jimmy dean sausage! 2.50/ea. - use $1/2 coupon from this weeks coupons = $2/roll (I love jimmy dean and $2 is a good price to buy)
betty crocker cake mix 1.00
blue bo…

Walgreen's deals


Always 2/$6, get 4 RR - use $1 insert coupons = free
colgate toothpaste 2/$6, get 4 RR - use $1 insert coupons = free
Goody ouchless hair thingy's $3, get 3 RR
Nasogel 4.99, get 5 RR
Reach total care 3.99, get 2 RR - use assorted insert coupons = free
scotch tape buy 1 @ $1.99, get 2 free. Use coupon HERE = free

Other deals
Crayola on the go 1.50/ea. - use $1 insert coupon = .50
russel stover eggs .39

Ajax cleanser – 2/$1 (w/ in ad coupon)
Easter accessories (gift bags/tumblers) – 6/$1 (w/ coupon)
Easter or spring pencils or gel pens – 3/$1 (w/ coupon)
Green Giant vegetables – $.49 (w/ coupon) 
HomeCenter household gloves – 2/$1 (w/ coupon)
Jell-O – 2/$1 (w/ coupon)

CVS deals!!


Easter grass (anyone else hate this stuff??) .99, get .99 ECB (Sun - Tues ONLY)
Green bag tag .99, get .99
Mars singles 2/$1 - Use $1/2 insert coupon = free
egg decorating kit 1.99, get 1.99 (sun - tues only)
colgate, aquafresh, dove - $1, use $1 assorted insert coupons = free

aaannnnnddddd that's about it for this week!

Grocery Ads

10/10 deals ( you do not need to buy 10 to get this deal)
-cherry tomatoes
-betty crocker potatoes/hamburger helper
-iceberg lettuce
-hot dog/hamburger bins
-hot pockets - coupon HERE ($1.50/3)
-welch's fruit snacks/crunch n' munch
-hormel pepperoni
-mission tortillas
-libby's fruit
-hunt's spaghetti sauce
-kool-aid burst
hillshire farm's sausage - $2

wesson oil 2.99
pink lady apples .99/lb
boneless skinless chicken breast 1.49/lb - this is a stock up price!
chicken leg quarters .39/lb
pineapple 1.99

Tom Thumb
red seedless grapes 1.28/lb
zuchinni/squash .47/lb
braeburn apples .99/lb
propel/gatorade .79/ea.
buy 4 save $4 on cereal (post/quaker/kellogg's)
Thursday only! - 8 lb. bag of navel oranges 2.99
Saturday only! - oscar mayer bacon 2.99 (I think I have a $1 peelie)
betty crocker cake or brownie mix .88- .50 coupon HERE
broccoli crowns 1.00/lb
del monte fruit naturels 1.00

green beans .77/lb!
watermelon 2.99

Couponing 101: Part 3

Tips and Tricks

Wait for Sales!!!
Using coupons is like playing cards. You don't want to show everyone your hand right away. You bide your time and at the exact right moment - BAM! 98%  savings on your grocery bill. (Or a royal flush - whatever) Example: Ragu pasta sauce is normally $2.89/ea. You have a coupon for $1. You could use it now and pay $1.89 for a jar OR you could wait until it's on sale for $1.50/jar. THEN use the $1 coupon and BAM - $0.50 for a jar of pasta sauce.

That is the magic. Combining a sale WITH the coupon. Pure bliss.

Doubling and Tripling
Some areas (like mine) will double and triple the face value of a coupon up to a certain limit. In my area, they double coupons up to and including .50 and triple coupons up to and including .35. Here is how it looks on the computer screen:
Kelloggs cereal - 2.00
coupon -              (.50)
double coupon -  (.50)
total =                  1.00

The double and triple is a STORE promotion. The store only gets reimbursed the …

Couponing 101: Part 2

Next, how to GET ORGANIZED!!   This part has TWO parts. Part 2a and part 2b, if you will.

Behold, part 2a - organizing.

There are 2 main ways to be organized with your coupons, and I'll show you mine second. The first one is to use file folders and a file box.

Like this:

This is where you keep the inserts whole and just file them by type and date. (the main inserts are smartsource, redplum, and proctor & gamble)
Pros: No cutting!! YAY!Easy to find a coupon that is listed by date on some coupon blogs.Cons: No last minute clearance deals.Have to have a date listed to find a coupon you are looking for.Hauling around a FILEBOX while shopping = Lame.How do you file internet printed coupons, blinkies, etc?Okay, now here is the method that I use - the coupon binder. For me it's an excellent method even though it does come with a little more upfront time.
Here's how you do the coupon binder. First, get a binder. (Oh, I crack myself up!) Then pick up some baseball card holders at you…

Couponing 101: Part 1

I know the question most people ask first is, "How do I start?!"

I am here to help you out!!

Step 1 - Get coupons.

There are many different sources out there for coupons, and I use most of them.

Newspapers: I do not purchase the Sunday paper. The paper is $3 and I would want at least 2 of them. That is crazy in price, and I am not willing to pay it. In my local area, there are 2 FREE papers that are delivered to my house on Saturdays that carry most of the coupon inserts. They are called The Briefing(section of the Dallas Morning News), and Al Dia (spanish paper). You can call your local paper and see if there are any free Saturday papers that can be delivered.Online: I print a good amount of coupons. I use,, and the most. also had coupons for in-store deals as well as manufacturer coupons.Inside actual stores: Manufacturers place coupons all over your local grocery store for your pleasure. Peelies, tearpads, blinkies, pamphle…

Grocery Ads

cantelope .99
blackberries .99
eggs .99
green beans .99/lb
pink ladies .99/lb

Asparagus .97/lb
celery .88
green beans .88
sweet potatoes .88
Pink lady apples .99/lb

And that's all that stands out to me this week.

Walgreens Dealio's

For some reason, All I care about are the freebie's right now.

Here they are:

colgate toothpaste $2.99, get 3 RR.

that's it.

Bubbles, punch ball, or activity pads – 3/$1 (w/ coupon)
Bumble Bee chunk light tuna – $.59 (w/ coupon)
Easter novelties – 3/$1
Hershey’s or Cadbury Easter candy – $.39
Hershey’s candy – $.39 (w/ in ad coupon)
Planter’s Flavor Grove Almonds – 2/$1 (w/ in ad coupon)
Spring/Easter pencils or fruit scented gel pen – 4/$1 (w/ in ad coupon)
Swanson chicken broth – 2/$1 (w/ in ad coupon)

Grocery Ads

White seedless grapes .99/lb
nabisco snak paks 1.00/ea
broccoli crowns/green beans 1.00/lb
bag of dole spinach 1.00
cantelope 1.50
pillsbury cake mix/brownie mix .94

Not really impressed here. There is a lot of buy 1 get 1 free stuff, but they usually jack up the price to compensate. I'll research the prices and then get back to you!

strawberries 1.25/ea.!!
lettuce (red leaf, romaine) .88!!
yellow squash .88
sweet potatoes .88
pears/fuji .99
green beans/broccoli crowns .99
asparagus 1.88/lb
organic fuji .99/lb

Buy 10 get $5 off. (I haven't seen this deal at Albertsons in a long time!)
-pillsbury's grands .99
-miracle whip 1.99
-A1 1.99
Pink lady apples .99/lb.
boneless skinless chicken breast 1.69/lb

Tom Thumb
fri-mon - Fuji apples .99/lb

cantelope 1.50/ea.