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Walgreen's deals


Always 2/$6, get 4 RR - use $1 insert coupons = free
colgate toothpaste 2/$6, get 4 RR - use $1 insert coupons = free
Goody ouchless hair thingy's $3, get 3 RR
Nasogel 4.99, get 5 RR
Reach total care 3.99, get 2 RR - use assorted insert coupons = free
scotch tape buy 1 @ $1.99, get 2 free. Use coupon HERE = free

Other deals
Crayola on the go 1.50/ea. - use $1 insert coupon = .50
russel stover eggs .39

Ajax cleanser – 2/$1 (w/ in ad coupon)
Easter accessories (gift bags/tumblers) – 6/$1 (w/ coupon)
Easter or spring pencils or gel pens – 3/$1 (w/ coupon)
Green Giant vegetables – $.49 (w/ coupon) 
HomeCenter household gloves – 2/$1 (w/ coupon)
Jell-O – 2/$1 (w/ coupon)


Jenn Mc said…
cotch tape buy 1 @ $1.99, get 2 free. Use coupon HERE = free

**will these beep?***
Ashby Family said…
Jenn - they ::shouldn't:: beep since I have some friends that have done this one (I didn't) and did not mention any beeping. But let me know when you do it so that I know!

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