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Challenge time

I'm in the mood for a pantry buster challenge. So I'm creating one.

When I began couponing in 2007 - it was out of necessity. We were trying to get out of debt, I was a stay at home mom (still am) and we were (and still are) living off of a teacher's salary. It is NOT easy. I saw couponing as a way to cut down on variable expenses like groceries and toiletries.

Well, it worked. We payed off all our debt (except the mortgage), built up a solid emergency fund, started investing into retirement, started saving for our kids college funds, and bought 2 cars with cash since the beginning of my coupon journey 4 years ago.

But now. Now is a different circumstance where my job remains the same. Get as much as I can with as little money as I can. We are expecting our fourth (surprise!) baby in January, there have been cutbacks at the hubby's job, and he is starting his master's program in January which we are planning on paying cash for. HELLO new expenses!

Enter CHALLENGE!!! I am due to pay my insurance deductible for this baby come October 3rd and to save for that - during the month of September I will be shopping from my pantry. I am part of a produce co-op that is $15 every 2 weeks, so I will still do that. I will buy no meat. I will buy no pantry items. I will shop from my freezer, garage, and cabinets to make all dinners for the ENTIRE month of september. Other than my produce co-op, I am allowed to spend $40 for the entire month on any deals that swing our way this month. Good news - I just went to the bread store and got a LOT of bread and tortillas, so that should last me at least halfway through the month. I am also allowed to buy cake decorating items for my daughter's 7th birthday on Sunday. Not to exceed $40.

Other items to not buy:
"fun" food items (ie. expensive items)
nothing at Sams
fast food

I think I will keep a record of what we are eating every day for dinner so you can see that we don't just eat ramen.

Who will join me in the Pantry Buster Challenge 2011?? Let's DO THIS!


A.J. Dub. said…
This sounds awesome... except I have next to nothing in my pantry and freezer thanks to the move. :( But I am still going to buy as little as possible. Passed up the $2.50 Oreo double stufs today. :)
Butler Family said…
that sounds like an AWESOME idea!! Except I literally have not a lot after the hurricane this past weekend so I will spend a little on meat and then that is it

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