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Pantry Buster Challenge- the end in sight!

Okay, sorry about falling off the face of the earth but my brother came in town and then we took a road trip to Louisiana! I'm doing mostly dinners now because I can't remember that far back what I did for breakfast, but by this point you should have a pretty good idea of what I do!

Here we go:

Day 15
Dinner - fried catfish with veggies

16 - homemade pizza

17 - leftovers

18 - Chicken and wild rice soup

19 - steak with potatoes and peas

20 - leftovers

21 - Zuppa Toscana soup with salad and rolls

22 - chicken pot pie

23 - 26 - out of town!!!! I have no idea what Dave and Hailey did while me and the boys were gone, but I guarantee they went over my $40 budget!

27 - fajita chicken salad

28 - creamy ranch pork chops in the crockpot with parmesan and garlic mashed potatoes & broccoli.

2 days left!!! We will make it easily although we did go over our $40 because of my last minute vacation to visit my grandparents. I now have a reasonable dent in my pantry (although it could still…

Pantry Buster Challenge - Day 14 Update

To see previous meals and purchases, click here and here.

Reminder - lunches are always dinner leftovers or sandwiches with fruit or something. I didn't figure it would be worth mentioning since it's not that exciting.

Day 10
Breakfast: peanut butter waffles (tripled recipe)
Dinner: Sam's club pepperoni pizza ($6.88)

Day 11
B: leftover waffles
D: creamy chicken slow cooker tacos

Day 12
B: Waffles & cereal
D: Used leftover chicken taco filling to make a chicken taco salad!

Day 13
B: oatmeal
D: Spicy peach glazed pork chops, (never fails, one of my favorite meat preparations) mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli (our produce basket from the co-op came today!)

Day 14
B: fried plantains & scrambled eggs
D: leftovers since daddy will be gone all night. Maybe fish sticks or something easy.

Items purchased
Sam's pizza $6.88
2 bags brown sugar $2.58

Total so far: $19.23
Halfway there and half my $$ spent!

Grocery Ads!!

They are rocking their typical buy 10 items get $5 off instantly. (remember - no doubling or tripling coupons anymore!)
Prices listed are AFTER the promo.
Yoplait 32 oz. & gogurt 1.69 - use .75/2 IP HERE = 1.31/ea. OR use blinkie for the tubs
Kraft BBQ .50
Capri-sun 1.49
Tide 5.77 - Use $2 insert coupon = $3.77
vitamin water .50
wonka candy 1.49

Other deals
white seedless grapes .99/lb
roma tomatoes .99/lb
pears 1.00/lb
plums 1.00/lb

Remember: you can price match at Walmart to get excellence prices at Hades.
red or green grapes .67/lb
avacadoes/roma tomatoes .67/lb/each
spinach .99/bundle
cantelopes .88/ea.
peaches/nectarines/plums .88/lb

They are ALSO doing a buy 10 items get $5 off instantly. Prices are AFTER the promo comes off. (limit of 3 rewards per transaction)
campbells condensed soup .98
progresso soup .98
powerade .69
pillsbury grands .99
pillsbury cake/brownie mixes .99

Tom Thumb
green bell peppers .49/ea.
nectarines .99/lb
quaker quakes 1.00

Pantry Buster Challenge - Day 9 Update

How are YOU guys doing so far?? we are about 1/4 of the way through - let's stay strong!

To see the first 4 days, check this post.

Day 5
breakfast - leftover pancakes and cereal
dinner -  grilled steak, scalloped potatoes, green beans, and grilled pineapple

Day 6
B - Eggs and toast
D - chicken stir fry with fried rice

Day 7
b - Oatmeal
D - Black bean tortilla pie (martha stewart)

Day 8
B - Cream of wheat
D - leftovers (and we potentially could have a whole other dinner of just leftovers!)

Day 9 (friday)
B - Biscuits and eggs
D - Crockpot veggie soup and homemade rolls

My pantry is starting to look better already!

Grocery Ads!!

BAD NEWS!!!! As of September 14th, all Krogers in the DFW area and East Texas will join the Houston area in their policy of no longer doubling or tripling coupons of any kind!!!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!! They will still accept all coupons at face value, but that's it. 

Kroger - LAME!!!

Split chicken breast (with bone) .99/lb
rotel tomates .99
black seedless grapes 1.00/lb
cantelope .99/ea.
pillsbury biscuits 1.00/ea. - use your coupons that double for our last week!! .40/2 IP HERE
pears 1.00/lb

in store coupon deals:
- campbells soup .99 (limit 3) assorted coupons HERE
- propel .49 (limit 12)
- hot pockets 1.59 (limit 5)
- libbys canned fruit .99 (limit 5)
- charmin 9 roll TP 4.99 (limit 2)

ocean spray on the go 10 packs .39!!!!
mccormick and weber seasonings 1.00
Star olive oil B1G2 free! (this could be good)
cool whip .88 WYB 2
cantelope .99/ea.
B/S chicken breast 1.98/lb

Tom Thumb
Boneless pork loin 1.88/lb (this is a GREAT price)
on the vine tomatoes .99/lb
mccormick gril…

Pantry Buster Challenge - Day 4 Update

Okay, so we are 4 days into our challenge and my only daughter has turned SEVEN years old today!

I don't think I look old enough to have a 7 year old. My husband tells me so. :)

Day 1
breakfast - cereal and milk
dinner - Chicken fajitas

Day 2
Breakfast - scrambled eggs and bagels
Dinner - Huevos Rancheros

Day 3
Breakfast - cream of wheat
dinner - leftovers

Day 4
Breakfast - pancakes!
Dinner - spaghetti with salad (requested by birthday girl), and birthday cake

Lunches are always leftovers or a sandwich of some kind(PB&J, cheese, etc.) with fruit and crackers.

Items purchased:
1 can green chilies $0.79
1 bag skittles (for cake) $1.98
12 boxes Zatarains rice mix and 4 bottles Danimals smoothies $7
Total so far: $9.77

I also got a big bag of pears for free at church today from a lady with pear trees. She brought 2 BUCKETS and a bunch of grocery sacks for people to take home. YAY for free fruit!

Also of note: I am on WIC right now so milk, cheese, juice, eggs, and some cereals I get for…