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Okay, so in my move to North Carolina from Texas and from a large metroplex to a RURAL town. Or perhaps I should say settlement? There is no grocery store. There are no stoplights. There is no fast food. Are you getting the picture here?? I do have a walmart (kill me) about 25 minutes away as well as a piggly wiggly (I know, right? I didn't know those still existed!)

One of the largest adjustments is dealing with the cost of food. I am spending easily triple what I used to. Meat does not go on sale here. Why is produce SO expensive when all I see around me are farms?? I go to a literal farm stand and a pound of tomatoes is $3. We split part of a cow with another family, had it butchered, and it came out to over $4/lb!!!! Shouldn't having your own cow be cheaper than the store? Maybe in some places it is, but here? NOPE.

Anyway, my husband has told me that I can't spend money anymore. But, not like that. Not like it sounds. He has 1 more year of his Masters degree left and …

30% and free shipping at Children's Place!

Since I live a gazillion miles from anything, I do a lot of shopping online. And let me spell it out a little, I live one HOUR from sams club. ditto Target. Ditto Ross, TJ Maxx, Joann's, Michael's, etc. And there is no children's place anywhere to be found. Because I am cheap, I hate paying shipping all the time for all those stores I normally would be frequenting, and I LOVED shopping at my old Children's Place outlet. sigh.

Today??? A great code for use!!! Children's Place website is having a sale today and you can use the code: MERRY30HP for 30% off and free shipping!!!!!

It's good today ONLY so go use it!

I'm so sorry!!!!

There have been several times throughout my couponing "career" that I have needed to let this part of my life take the backburner. Each time I have a baby. Sometimes I get a little burned out. Sometimes I just need to use what I have!

Well, we have lived in our new state for 7 months now, my 2 oldest children are back in school after a CRAZY summer, and my 8 month old baby just started crawling!!!!

Isn't he the cutest ever?? I love that kid.
Anyways, every time I take a break from the deals and then I rediscover the awesomeness that is working the system, I remembered why I loved it so much! So couponing, I apologize for leaving you for so long! I am back. You are awesome.
After living off of our stockpile for the last 10 months or so, I am down to a lonely few bottles of shampoo and conditioner, and only 2 small packs of toilet paper.
Time to hit the sales!!!
Enter: Walgreens.

This is what I got today. I had ZERO coupons and no RR to start with. The 12 packs of cottonell…



Testing... Testing...

Is this thing on???

Holy MOLY has it been a while since I've been here. But there is a ton of stuff that's happened in the last couple months.

First of all, we had our fourth child! Hello little Ryan!

And then we moved across the country to North Carolina! We are across the street from the water and it's totally cool.

So  we have obviously had a lot going on the last several months and I'm finally getting finished unpacking, adjusting to a baby (almost 4 months old), and getting settled in our new house and state.
Bad news?
There is no Kroger, Albertsons, Tom Thumb, Sprouts, etc. I have walmart (kill me now), CVS, and Walgreens. SO, my couponing posts will have more to do with the drugstores and online deals now. 
Here is an online deal: has a 60 count box of powerball tablets for the dishwasher for only $9.53 shipped! That's only .15 a tablet.

Go here and pick the 60 count (or 85 if you want more). and select the subscribe and …