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Testing... Testing...

Is this thing on???

Holy MOLY has it been a while since I've been here. But there is a ton of stuff that's happened in the last couple months.

First of all, we had our fourth child! Hello little Ryan!

And then we moved across the country to North Carolina! We are across the street from the water and it's totally cool.

So  we have obviously had a lot going on the last several months and I'm finally getting finished unpacking, adjusting to a baby (almost 4 months old), and getting settled in our new house and state.
Bad news?
There is no Kroger, Albertsons, Tom Thumb, Sprouts, etc. I have walmart (kill me now), CVS, and Walgreens. SO, my couponing posts will have more to do with the drugstores and online deals now. 
Here is an online deal: has a 60 count box of powerball tablets for the dishwasher for only $9.53 shipped! That's only .15 a tablet.

Go here and pick the 60 count (or 85 if you want more). and select the subscribe and …