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I'm so sorry!!!!

There have been several times throughout my couponing "career" that I have needed to let this part of my life take the backburner. Each time I have a baby. Sometimes I get a little burned out. Sometimes I just need to use what I have!

Well, we have lived in our new state for 7 months now, my 2 oldest children are back in school after a CRAZY summer, and my 8 month old baby just started crawling!!!!

Isn't he the cutest ever?? I love that kid.
Anyways, every time I take a break from the deals and then I rediscover the awesomeness that is working the system, I remembered why I loved it so much! So couponing, I apologize for leaving you for so long! I am back. You are awesome.
After living off of our stockpile for the last 10 months or so, I am down to a lonely few bottles of shampoo and conditioner, and only 2 small packs of toilet paper.
Time to hit the sales!!!
Enter: Walgreens.

This is what I got today. I had ZERO coupons and no RR to start with. The 12 packs of cottonell…