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Okay, so in my move to North Carolina from Texas and from a large metroplex to a RURAL town. Or perhaps I should say settlement? There is no grocery store. There are no stoplights. There is no fast food. Are you getting the picture here?? I do have a walmart (kill me) about 25 minutes away as well as a piggly wiggly (I know, right? I didn't know those still existed!)

One of the largest adjustments is dealing with the cost of food. I am spending easily triple what I used to. Meat does not go on sale here. Why is produce SO expensive when all I see around me are farms?? I go to a literal farm stand and a pound of tomatoes is $3. We split part of a cow with another family, had it butchered, and it came out to over $4/lb!!!! Shouldn't having your own cow be cheaper than the store? Maybe in some places it is, but here? NOPE.

Anyway, my husband has told me that I can't spend money anymore. But, not like that. Not like it sounds. He has 1 more year of his Masters degree left and …

30% and free shipping at Children's Place!

Since I live a gazillion miles from anything, I do a lot of shopping online. And let me spell it out a little, I live one HOUR from sams club. ditto Target. Ditto Ross, TJ Maxx, Joann's, Michael's, etc. And there is no children's place anywhere to be found. Because I am cheap, I hate paying shipping all the time for all those stores I normally would be frequenting, and I LOVED shopping at my old Children's Place outlet. sigh.

Today??? A great code for use!!! Children's Place website is having a sale today and you can use the code: MERRY30HP for 30% off and free shipping!!!!!

It's good today ONLY so go use it!