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Children's Place black friday deal!

Today you can get 30% off and free shipping at Children's Place. Use the code THANKFUL30.

I got Hailey 2 dresses and a sweater and my 2 older boys some white shirts for church. Shipped to my house, not going out in the crowds = priceless.

You can get outerwear for 50% off! There are some great deals to be had, go check it out.

Photo Deals just in time for Christmas!

I have 2 deals for you this morning,

FREE 8x10 print at Walgreens. If you choose "pick up in store" then it's completely free. Use the code TURKEY8X10 to get yours. Hurry, it expires on Saturday!

FREE 8x11 wall calendar at Shutterfly. You do have to pay shipping on this one, which is around $5-6.  Use the code FREECAL to get yours. Make haste, expiration is November 29th!

Nerf Rebelle Giveaway and Review

We received this new toy to try out and review, so here it is! It's the Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker bow. It retails for $19.99 and here is a description from their website:

The Heartbreaker Bow works like a real bow, but blasts darts up to 75 feet! Pull back on the string and release to fire the blaster. Your daughter can even stow up to 5 darts on the bow for easy reloading.

Hailey has been playing with this bow for the last 2 days straight and even tried to sleep with it last night! She and I both love that it's girly while encouraging more outdoor and active activities. I have nothing against dolls but with 3 boys in the mix, Hailey will be playing solo if all she had were barbies.

It's built well, doesn't feel cheap or anything and since we recently watched The Hunger Games, Hailey thinks she's Katniss Everdeen. Haha! She's jumping on tables and "training" for the arena. It's very hilarious. It comes with girly colored darts but you'll be gla…

Huggies for less than $5/pack @ CVS starting Sunday!

I have so many good things to tell you about but I'm trying to not get too excited. Here's the deal for CVS next week, if you are anything like me you still have a 1 1/2 year old in diapers and even though you've been buying diapers for 9 years you still have another 1-2 years of it and are so sick of it but are still looking for a deal and you will like this. (What? Not like me? Diapers are still a great item to get for baby showers!)

Step 1 - have a CVS card and register your email. Why? I've been getting emails every week about Wednesday or so with a $4/$20 coupon or a 25% off coupon attached to my card. Awesome, right?

Step 2 - print the following coupons:
$2 Pull-ups coupon
$2 and $1.50 coupons (sort by baby)
$2.50 little movers coupon

Remember - 2 coupons per computer.

Step 3 - this is the deal we are doing.

And we are going with the Spend $30 one because it's better. 
Game plan:
4 packs huggies @ 8.99/ea = $35.96 Use 4 $2 coupons
Pay $27.96 and get back $10 ECB…

How to get name brand diapers for less than generic

It's a standard misconception that generic is always cheaper. Just like a lot of people think that Walmart has the cheapest prices of anyone - it's simply not true.

Here is a current example of what you can do to score some Huggies diapers for $5.99/pack.

At CVS, Huggies are $9.99 a pack, and if you buy 2 packs then you get $5 back in ECB. That takes the cost down to $7.49/pack.
THEN, use the coupons from HERE (search by baby, and you can print 2 per computer), use the $1.50 coupons to make your cost $5.99/pack. Or use the $2 coupons to get your cost to $5.49/pack. (I did both)
You can do the deal twice per card for a total of $10 back. I did it twice on one card and once on another for a total of 6 packs of diapers.

Have I mentioned that after almost 9 years of buying diapers, I am very excited to almost be done. I can almost taste it...

Best deals at CVS this week

After tackling the store myself, here are the doosey's this week, and also what I got:

CANDY! Easter is around the corner, and there are some great things.
gold emblem jelly beans .99, get .99 ECB = FREE
Starburst Jelly beans (dave's fav) 2/4.98, get 2 ECB = $1.49 each
Cetaphil, buy any 2, get 5 ECB      - bars count and are only $3! buy 2 @ $6, get $5 in ECB = .50 each.
Almay, buy 2, get 5 ECB      - Use the $5/2 IP coupon HERE = price varies
assorted easter candy 5/$15, get 5 ECB       - after the ECB, the bags are $2/ea. and I get several CRT's from the coupon machine in the store that applied to my purchase, and there were a lot in the recent newspaper as well.
V8 fusion was 2.50/ea. and get 3 ECB WYB $10. There are $1 IP HERE.
And the best of the best...
Buy $30 and get $10 ECB. The packs are $10/ea, so after the ECB you are already at ~ $7/pack. Add in the $1.50 coupons from HERE (sort by baby), you are down to $5.50/pack.
THEN, you can scan your receipt with your…

The best Walgreens deals of the week

I'm having a good time getting back into the game and here is what we have at walgreens this time.

First of all, the big packs of pampers diapers are 50% off, so check the end caps and see if your walgreens still has some.  mine had about 5 packs left but only 1 of the size I needed. There are $1.50 coupons on, so I got that big thing for $13.50.

Mac and cheese is .79/box with your card, and use the $1/3 IP from (sort by food to find it faster)
Lever 2000 is B1G1 free, including the 2 packs (2.79/ea.). use a $1 IP from HERE and HERE, and pay .79/ea.
The powerbar deal I posted about a couple days ago is STILL going. go get some!

I also saw a bunch of sunscreen on clearance so I grabbed some of that as well.
Plus, milk there is cheaper than at my walmart. I know, right?

5 Dr. Seuss books for $5.95 SHIPPED

Go HERE to get this deal.

5 books, a backpack, and no other obligation? I'm in!

The Hunger games $10 @ Amazon!

This is a special 2 disc DVD for only $10! if you have prime or spend a total of $25, then shipping is also free.

Here's the link.

And here's a link for a 30 day trial of amazon prime if you've never done it before.

Amazon prices fluctuate with no warning and sometimes quickly, so if you want this deal, hop on it now!

March - week 1

Alright, after a very scary few days of an empty fridge, (it was sketchy up in our kitchen) I got to go to Sam's club and Aldi since I was already in the area for a race I did.

I apologize for not laying everything out but it was just one of those crazy times where everyone was exhausted and the food just needed to get put away.

Also, on a side note, I am going vegetarian for 2 weeks starting monday. It's a challenge I'm doing with a group of people and I'm interested to see how it affects my running. (I'm trying to get faster)
Meals for the next 2 weeks (since hubby is going to be gone all this week, plus I bought a lot):
March 2 - Santa fe chicken salad wraps & pears 3 - dinner with neighbors, chili, salad, cornbread. (I'm bringing the cornbread) 4 - broccoli white bean soup 5 - tacos & fruit (bean filling for me) 6 - black bean burgers 7 - sandwiches w/ fruit and veggies 8 - leftovers 9 - vegetarian chili 10 - chili topped baked potatoes (see how I u…

February - the end!

I had to buy some things for a wedding, so I have a couple random things on here. But I spent $50 this week which puts me over my budget by $9.
Meals for the last couple days were:
Feb 25 - quesadillas 26 - turkey sandwiches with fruit (homemade bread!) 27 - roast with potatoes, carrots, and green beans 28 - leftovers!
$209 for the month of february.
I'm renewed in my goal for march. There are no weddings, we are not having people over for dinner, and my husband will be gone all next week which means mac and cheese and ramen for dinner!! haha! just kidding. but not really.
Going shopping tomorrow for the first part of march! here we gooooooo.

February - week 3

I'm a little behind with the holiday weekend where my kids had off school Thursday and Friday (but not monday) and my husband was home on Monday but worked all day so I still had to hang with the littles. Care to see a pic of the littles? Here you go...

So here is what I purchased last week (I know! I am late!)

and here are the meals that we have and will be eating with the above goods.

Feb. 17 - dinner at neighbor's house, we brought bread and mashed potatoes.
Feb. 18 - Pulled Pork sandwiches with corn on the cob. (this is from when I made it a month ago and froze the leftovers.
19 - hamburger casserole. (ground beef mixed with green beans, onions, and condensed tomato soup. topped with mashed potatoes and cheese and baked.)
20 - Chicken pot pie (homemade, of course)
21 - thai chicken pizza and taco pizza
22 - walking taco casserole (from pinterest)
23 - going to a wedding at 2pm, if we are still hungry we'll eat leftovers.
24 - Hamburgers with roasted potatoes and fruit.

All laundry detergent only $1.75/each @ CVS

You are going to want to print your coupons NOW in preparation of next week because they will not be around by then.

HERE is the $2/2 coupon. Print 2 of them (you'll need it).

Then, go to and sign up (it's free). What happens there is you enter in your grocery and pharmacy card numbers and load the "coupons" that you want on them. This is the one you are looking for:

Once you've earned at least $5 on your Savingstar account then you can select a payout option through Paypal or an Amazon gift card! Cool, right?!
Then, starting on Sunday at CVS, All laundry detergent is B1G1

Notice that the limit is 2, so you'll probably have to do 2 separate transactions here.

buy 2 All @ 7.99 each - 15.98
minus get 1 free - 7.99
minus $2/2 coupon
Pay $5.99 OOP

Do it again.

Total is going to be 11.98 OOP and you'll get $5 back through = $6.98 for 4 bottle of All! That's pretty good if you ask me!

*For the Savingstar deal, the amount spent d…

It's always a good time

It's fun days of coupon shopping that remind you how much you like it!

From my last couple of posts, here are the diapers I got ahold of. I know they are the wrong sizes for what I need but I also know that I can take these to any store and exchange them for the right sizes. maybe I'll go back to target in a couple weeks when they've restocked and exchange them there.

And here are my fish oil capsules.

AND, I LOVE it when I go into a store and there is a huge clearance sale going on! Crazy 8 had an additional 20% off clearance and I had a 20% coupon too. that's 40% off clearance prices! The skirts and shirts were like, $3 each and the red coat at the top I am saving for my daughter's birthday.

Look at all that fun pink! I wished I had a lot more money to get a ton more stuff. They had great things there.

Groceries - February, week 2

All righty, after the craziness that was last week I rocked it this week at the grocery store!  I didn't have much to get from my list since my pantry and freezer are pretty full, so it was mostly fresh items.

Here's what I got:

I've been out of bread for a couple weeks so I've been making it myself. 
You see, there is one problem with making your own bread.  It's delicious. 
Yes, that's a problem!
It is exactly what you don't want in the house when you are on a diet. But that store bought bread? Yeah, that doesn't tempt me at all, so store bought it was. I headed to the bread outlet for 1.25/loaf and a free loaf when you spend $5. My freezer is stocked.
And I only needed the apples to make a pie for teacher appreciation week at my daughter's school (not sure how I got roped into that one).
Meals for the next little bit:
Feb 9 - Chili (yes, it's homemade) 10 - Chef salad (SO good. I love it) 11 - hot dogs with pork and beans and fruit 12 - Chili…

Walgreens deals

There are a couple Walgreens deals for cheap this week (finally) and here they are.

I love make-up (eye make-up specifically) and this is a great price.

$2.99 after RR or if you have the $2 coupon from the newspaper inserts, then only .99!
Everyone has been sick lately, so this warming spray for only .99 after RR is a great deal. Use this $1 IP for a freebie!

This is my husband's favorite deodorant, so I'm always looking for sales on this:

If you got the $1 insert coupon, then it's free after RR and coupons, but if not, then $1/each isn't bad!
Last but not least, 

This week these are on sale for $3.99. And there is a catalina deal that you can a $2 RR when you buy one.
SO, print this $1 coupon here, (sort by personal care)
and then buy 1, use the coupon and get a RR = $1 after everything.

Cheap Pampers Diapers at TARGET!

So this week pampers diapers are 8.99 at Target.

Here's the deal breakdown:

buy 2 packs of diapers @ 8.99 each - 17.98
then hand over two $1.50 coupons from HERE. (sort by baby)

There are 3 coupons to pick from, the swaddlers, the cruisers, and the baby dry. AND you can print each coupon twice. so that's 6 coupons.

Pay the $14.98 after your coupons and get a $5 Target giftcard back.

If you have more coupons, do it again but this time use the giftcard to pay as well. Pay $9.98 and get another $5 giftcard. Rinse and repeat.

And THEN, if that weren't enough, go to your Endorse app and enter your receipt and they'll give you $5 back! It's a free app for a smartphone that gives you money back. Sign up HERE.

Not bad, right?? I only have about 1 1/2 more years to use diapers and then I am DONE.

That's gonna leave a mark

Okay, even though my goal is to spend $200/month on groceries, I budget $250 a month so that I can stock up at Sam's club every few months for random things that run out.  Or if I don't go to Sam's club then I will stock up on meat or something in other ways. For example, I bought part of a cow from a farmer thinking it would end up being cheaper. Boy was I wrong. I spent $250 and it came out to around $5 a pound. (it was about the best beef I'd ever had, but we can't afford that right now) Then Zaycon foods came to town and I bought 40 pounds of chicken breasts for $65. That was back in October and I'm just now down to my last 4 breasts. I also have zero other meat of any kind. My freezers are empty.

I went to sam's planning on buying at least 10 pounds of chicken and hopefully finding a deal on some other meat as well. The chicken was a great price ($1.77/lb - unheard of here) and they had an okay price on ground beef so I went ahead and bought that too.…

Pantene Conditioner (family size) for $1.27!

If you have Amazon prime then you get free shipping
-(we got 6 months for free with my husbands masters degree, we signed up for "student")
-or you can sign up for a free 3 month trial with Amazon mom HERE

or you can add extra items to your cart to reach $25 for free shipping.

1. you need to go to THIS link to clip your $3 coupon. You will need to be signed into your account for this to work.

2. I opened a new window and went HERE to add the Pantene to my cart. It's a 2 pack for $5.54. go to check out and after the coupon your total should be $2.54 for 2 packs of conditioner!

That's only $1.27/bottle for a HUGE container.

January - week 4

The last shopping trip of January!!!

Here are the goods:

Total spent is $46.57.
It doesn't really look like a lot probably because two of the dinners for this week is a bean based dish and I have a lot of dried beans already.
Meals for the rest of Jan:
24 - sloppy joes with oven fries and fruit (sons request) 25 - ham and egg biscuit sandwiches. hence the 5 dozen eggs in the picture. 26 - spaghetti with garlic bread and peas (daughter's request) 27 - kidney bean casserole with cornbread 28 - grilled stuffed burritos 29 - leftovers 30 - chicken lo mein  31 - leftovers or sandwiches
That concludes my January month with a total of $195.56!!!!
wheeeeeeee! I was really not sure if I could do this or not, and I've noticed that I've had to stop the impulse purchases. Most of the time I will buy a thing of twizzlers or some ice cream or whatever because it looked good and it was only $2! But all those $2 purchases add up.  I am about out of bread but instead of buying it again …

January - week 3 (& a CVS trip)

Here are the goods for this week:

CVS (which doesn't count in the grocery budget because they are household items)
Above are part of the buy $30 in items and get a $10 cash card.  diapers $9.49 - $3 coupon here wisk - $4.99 - $1 coupon here dawn .99 just to get me over $30 total was $30.05 or so and I had $8 in coupons. I paid $22 and got $10 in a gift card back! it's like I paid $12 for all the above.
$ tree. I bought these DVD storage things to get our crazy DVD collection under control. I'll show you the finished product when I'm collected more holders. It's going to be good.

Okay, here are the groceries. $60.79 for this coming week and it was a little high because I threw a going away party last night that I had to make a chocolate cheesecake for and some corn salsa. (yum) We were also completely out of fruit and snacky things for my kids school lunches.

Meals for this shopping trip. January 17 -  leftovers 18 - party food! 19 - BBQ pork sandwiches 20 - dominic…

Week 2 of January

Hmmm, not sure why that first picture is sideways, but this is what I got today.

Total spent was $59.15. If you take out the toothpaste and toothbrush then I'm at $54.55, but I'll just leave it at $59.
I'm trying some new recipes and the pork shoulder alone was $13!!!!! yikes.
THe meals that we are planning on are as follows for the next week-ish are:
Jan 10 - hamburgers 11 - pork roast with veggies 12 - shredded pork w/ slaw sandwiches 13 - zuppa toscana with rolls 14 - hoppin' john (basically a black eyed pea stew served with rice) 15 - leftovers 16 - chicken and rice roger (a casserole my grandpa makes)
And to get us through the 16th of January, I've spent $88.20.
By the way, this is really hard. Ever since we moved and our income has gone up, I've gotten used to being at the store and thinking, "yeah, apples are on sale, we need some apples." or "OH, we for sure need some yogurt because we are out." or "HEY, I would love some twizzl…

January - week 1

This is week 1 of shopping, and I came in at $29.05.

I know that doesn't seem like a lot, but I have fruit and frozen veggies, and a lot of chicken in the freezer.
Here are the dinners that we have for the first little bit of January.
January 1 - Kidney Bean casserole with cornbread. (this is basically your beans and cornbread meal) 2nd - hot dogs and broccoli 3 - chicken, cauliflower, and cornbread dressing (christmas leftovers from the freezer) 4 - dominican rice and beans 5 - bean lettuce wraps and pears. 6- Chicken pot pie and rolls, salad 7 - Chicken alfredo with bowtie pasta 8 - leftovers 9 - chicken tacos

and that's all I have for now and I do have all the ingredients for the above right now.
I've got to get planning the next 10-ish days or so and make a shopping list. I won't have as much on hand for that trip so I know I'll be right up close to my $50 allotment.
I'm excited to see what I can do!