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Best deals at CVS this week

After tackling the store myself, here are the doosey's this week, and also what I got:

CANDY! Easter is around the corner, and there are some great things.
gold emblem jelly beans .99, get .99 ECB = FREE
Starburst Jelly beans (dave's fav) 2/4.98, get 2 ECB = $1.49 each
Cetaphil, buy any 2, get 5 ECB      - bars count and are only $3! buy 2 @ $6, get $5 in ECB = .50 each.
Almay, buy 2, get 5 ECB      - Use the $5/2 IP coupon HERE = price varies
assorted easter candy 5/$15, get 5 ECB       - after the ECB, the bags are $2/ea. and I get several CRT's from the coupon machine in the store that applied to my purchase, and there were a lot in the recent newspaper as well.
V8 fusion was 2.50/ea. and get 3 ECB WYB $10. There are $1 IP HERE.
And the best of the best...
Buy $30 and get $10 ECB. The packs are $10/ea, so after the ECB you are already at ~ $7/pack. Add in the $1.50 coupons from HERE (sort by baby), you are down to $5.50/pack.
THEN, you can scan your receipt with your…

The best Walgreens deals of the week

I'm having a good time getting back into the game and here is what we have at walgreens this time.

First of all, the big packs of pampers diapers are 50% off, so check the end caps and see if your walgreens still has some.  mine had about 5 packs left but only 1 of the size I needed. There are $1.50 coupons on, so I got that big thing for $13.50.

Mac and cheese is .79/box with your card, and use the $1/3 IP from (sort by food to find it faster)
Lever 2000 is B1G1 free, including the 2 packs (2.79/ea.). use a $1 IP from HERE and HERE, and pay .79/ea.
The powerbar deal I posted about a couple days ago is STILL going. go get some!

I also saw a bunch of sunscreen on clearance so I grabbed some of that as well.
Plus, milk there is cheaper than at my walmart. I know, right?

5 Dr. Seuss books for $5.95 SHIPPED

Go HERE to get this deal.

5 books, a backpack, and no other obligation? I'm in!

The Hunger games $10 @ Amazon!

This is a special 2 disc DVD for only $10! if you have prime or spend a total of $25, then shipping is also free.

Here's the link.

And here's a link for a 30 day trial of amazon prime if you've never done it before.

Amazon prices fluctuate with no warning and sometimes quickly, so if you want this deal, hop on it now!

March - week 1

Alright, after a very scary few days of an empty fridge, (it was sketchy up in our kitchen) I got to go to Sam's club and Aldi since I was already in the area for a race I did.

I apologize for not laying everything out but it was just one of those crazy times where everyone was exhausted and the food just needed to get put away.

Also, on a side note, I am going vegetarian for 2 weeks starting monday. It's a challenge I'm doing with a group of people and I'm interested to see how it affects my running. (I'm trying to get faster)
Meals for the next 2 weeks (since hubby is going to be gone all this week, plus I bought a lot):
March 2 - Santa fe chicken salad wraps & pears 3 - dinner with neighbors, chili, salad, cornbread. (I'm bringing the cornbread) 4 - broccoli white bean soup 5 - tacos & fruit (bean filling for me) 6 - black bean burgers 7 - sandwiches w/ fruit and veggies 8 - leftovers 9 - vegetarian chili 10 - chili topped baked potatoes (see how I u…