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Nerf Rebelle Giveaway and Review

We received this new toy to try out and review, so here it is! It's the Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker bow. It retails for $19.99 and here is a description from their website:

The Heartbreaker Bow works like a real bow, but blasts darts up to 75 feet! Pull back on the string and release to fire the blaster. Your daughter can even stow up to 5 darts on the bow for easy reloading.

Hailey has been playing with this bow for the last 2 days straight and even tried to sleep with it last night! She and I both love that it's girly while encouraging more outdoor and active activities. I have nothing against dolls but with 3 boys in the mix, Hailey will be playing solo if all she had were barbies.

It's built well, doesn't feel cheap or anything and since we recently watched The Hunger Games, Hailey thinks she's Katniss Everdeen. Haha! She's jumping on tables and "training" for the arena. It's very hilarious. It comes with girly colored darts but you'll be gla…

Huggies for less than $5/pack @ CVS starting Sunday!

I have so many good things to tell you about but I'm trying to not get too excited. Here's the deal for CVS next week, if you are anything like me you still have a 1 1/2 year old in diapers and even though you've been buying diapers for 9 years you still have another 1-2 years of it and are so sick of it but are still looking for a deal and you will like this. (What? Not like me? Diapers are still a great item to get for baby showers!)

Step 1 - have a CVS card and register your email. Why? I've been getting emails every week about Wednesday or so with a $4/$20 coupon or a 25% off coupon attached to my card. Awesome, right?

Step 2 - print the following coupons:
$2 Pull-ups coupon
$2 and $1.50 coupons (sort by baby)
$2.50 little movers coupon

Remember - 2 coupons per computer.

Step 3 - this is the deal we are doing.

And we are going with the Spend $30 one because it's better. 
Game plan:
4 packs huggies @ 8.99/ea = $35.96 Use 4 $2 coupons
Pay $27.96 and get back $10 ECB…