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Albertson's Match up

This is for the Southeast Idaho region stores!

What is on my shopping list this week:

Post Honey Bunches of Oats $1.49 WYB 4. $.75 coupon below!
Pork chops .99/lb with in ad coupon
Dannon Light and fit greek yogurt .88 - $1/2 coupon below!
1 Dozen eggs $1 with in store coupon!! (limit 2)


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$10 off $30 purchase at Bath and Body Works

This will be a great coupon to use combined with the buy 3 items get 3 free signature items sale AND the Signature Collections Body Care are just $3 each right now!

Print the coupon here. (my printer prompt opened right away, so make sure the printer is on!)

Expires July 5th, so use it soon! In case you were wondering, my favorite scents are Country Apple, Brown Sugar and Fig, and Plumeria. You know, I am on bed rest right now and some smelly good stuff might make me pretty happy.  Just saying. :)

Saturday Savings

Here are the details from my normal Grocery shopping for the weekend. (with gas prices getting higher, I'm trying to not make special trips out to the store and only going when I'm already out.)

and, technically the shopping was done on Friday. sshhhhhh. don't tell!

The kids LOVE helping pick out produce.

How beautiful is this food?? (the kids are cute, too)

Here's the whole kit and caboodle. (kitten caboodle?) Total OOP: $26

Stores and items:
Kroger 8 boxes cream of wheat $2.19/ea. - used $2 tearpad coupons = .19/ea. 1 bounty paper towels $5.99 - used $2 ecoupon HERE and .25 P&G insert coupon tripled = $3.24 1 Charmin double roll $5.99 - used $3 ecoupon HERE and .25 P&G coupon tripled = $2.24 5 pack kiwi $1/ea.
Sprouts Broccoli crowns .99/lb roma tomatoes .77/lb green beans .77/lb strawberries 1.29/ea. onions .49/lb bell pepper .77/ea.
Aldi milk 1.19/gallon black beans .55/can bananas .37/lb 10 lb. potatoes 2.69 stick margarine .29/ea.
Because of the hard freeze that Texas experience…

Grocery Ads

Cantelope 1.00
Totino's 1.00
Ronzoni pasta $1/2 - I know there are coupons for this!
Ragu 1.00
C&H sugar 1.99
fuji apples 1.00/lb

Cantelope .77/ea.
green beans .88/lb
red/gold bell peppers .77/ea.

eggs .99/dozen
totino's 1.00
GG steamers 1.50
 birds eye frozen veggies 1.00

Tom Thumb
B/S chicken 1.99/lb
broccoli .88/lb
classico pasta sauce 1.50
barilla 1.00
fri-mon 3 lb cuties 2.99 - use .55 insert coupon - $2.44/3 lbs.
rosarita refried beans 1.00
nabisco snack paks 1.00

Totino's .99
Hamburger helper .97(remember when there were .50/1 coupons?)
pillsbury rolls 1.25 - .30 coupon tripled = .35/ea.
Chex mix 1.25 - .50/2 coupon HERE doubled - .75/ea.
zatarains 1.00
Broccoli crowns 1.25/lb
annie's mac and cheese .99
old spice deodorant 1.99 - load $1 ecoupon HERE and then use $1 insert coupon
old spice body wash 3.00 - load $1 ecoupon HERE and use FREE WYB deodorant P&G coupon = deoderant and wash for $0!!
Always/tampax 6.99 - l…